June 24, 2024

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James Gunn and Matt Reeves want to make more DC superhero movies

James Gunn and Matt Reeves want to make more DC superhero movies

Superman suit

Superman suit
picture: Jack Taylor (Getty Images)

Things are no less noisy at Warner Bros. Discovery with the company Still looking for the Kevin Feige type To lead the production of DC superhero films and soon-to-be president of DC Films Walter Hamada, leaving the second company black Adam In theaters (so, Friday), but James Gunn and Matt Reeves have ideas for what they think Warner Bros. should. Discovery to do next: Let them make more DC superhero movies!

This comes from extensive The Hollywood Reporter Piece About the future of Warner’s DC movie business, which states Gunn is in talks with WBD about making a “mystery movie” and possibly more than one movie at that — and to be clear, that means a movie that’s a mystery to us, not a thing. THR Gunn says that the second season of peace maker before he does anything mystery movie It is, but that’s all we know.

As for Reeves, who already has it Batman A cross by Colin Farrell penguin In the works of HBO Max, THR He says he’s working on a sequel to Batman And he wants to add movies — especially movies, he says THR—About other Batman villains. The people specifically named are Scarecrow, Clayface, and Professor Pyg, although those could just be examples of villains and not necessarily characters that would get episodic movies. Either way, the projects are “in their early stages of pregnancy.” The Scarecrow You Know From Christopher Nolan and Clayface Movies You Might Know Batman: The Animated SeriesBut Professor Pyg is a very boring new bad guy, so maybe Matt Reeves’s big movie will do unless the Grant Morrison comics can actually make it great.

But with Gunn and Reeves calling dibs on fun guys who want to make movies about them, Warner Bros. looms. Discovery arms heavily and screams “Don’t you guys like Superman?! Does anyone want to make a movie with Superman Henry Cavill?!” and literally everyone is like “lol no”. In fact, we’re stunned: WBD really wants to do something with Superman, and he wants Henry Cavill to come back and play with him.but Dwayne Johnson seems to be the only person who has an idea of ​​how to make a Superman movie – and his quote is “What if I fight Superman?”

Dwayne Johnson has been promoting a movie where Black Adam fights Superman for a while, to the point that There are rumors That Superman even appears in Johnson black Adam Movie – rumors, if true, may or may not be taken up casually by a paragraph in this The Hollywood Reporter It details how Johnson may or may not have obtained permission to put Superman in the movie. default. There is simply no way to know if Superman is present in the movie. In any case. We will never know.

For now, it looks like it’s just a matter of waiting for Warner Bros. Discovery to pull things together, which is what she has to do in the end, right?

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