April 24, 2024

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Jamie Foxx promises to address health concerns during AAFCA speech

Jamie Foxx promises to address health concerns during AAFCA speech

Jamie Foxx

Promises to leak on health…

During the AAFCA speech

Jamie Foxx He says he will finally address what exactly happened to him that landed him in hospital last year – but it looks like it will be a TV special of sorts.

The comedian/actor was accepting the Producers Award Sunday night in Los Angeles at the African American Film Critics Association Awards — where he gave a moving speech and discussed how his entire outlook on life has changed for the better after what he went through.

And of course he refers to Healthy fear Which kept him out for most of 2023 – a mystery illness that has never been completely cured… but he says it has given him a new perspective.

He was making jokes while talking about this, but at some point — he revealed… that he was going to discuss the details of his hospitalization at the appropriate time. The only caveat, he says, is that he will do it his way… with humor and comedy.

The way he's talking about it here…it sounds like Jimmy wants to do it stand-up.

No timeline has been given on when this might materialize – but this is the first time we've heard Jamie promise to address the issue head-on… as there have been a lot of rumors and speculation, which he's well aware of. We're talking cloning conspiracy chatter here.

Another highlight of Jimmy's time at the event…taking pictures with him Jonathan Majors And Megan is good — They both attended the AAFCA, and looked like a happy couple.

Jonathan is a recent graduate A criminal conviction …But he continues with his life regardless.

As for Jimmy… he's clearly still funny — and that much was evident from this event, as he's back to his old self. It will be interesting to see if/when he spills the tea on what happened.

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