July 20, 2024

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Jill Biden travels to Romania and Slovakia on a mission to support Ukrainian refugees

Jill Biden travels to Romania and Slovakia on a mission to support Ukrainian refugees
The first lady will leave Washington for Romania on Thursday, stopping first at Mihail Kogalnicino Air Force Base on Friday, where she will meet service personnel before heading to Bucharest on Saturday. In Bucharest, Biden will hold meetings with members of the Romanian government, as well as humanitarian aid workers. Romania has seen the largest influx of Ukrainian refugees as a result of the crisis (after Poland), with hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians crossing the border into the country since the war began three months ago, according to The Guardian. United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

Biden, a university professor, will also spend time in Bucharest with teachers who help educate homeless Ukrainian children and assist with their education while they adjust to their new environment.

On Saturday evening, Biden will travel to Bratislava, Slovakia, where she will meet with US Embassy staff before departing the next day for Kosice and Vesny Nemeki, Slovakia, to meet with Ukrainian refugees. Biden will also welcome local Slovaks who have opened their homes to families from Ukraine seeking asylum. According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, more than 350,000 Ukrainians have fled to Slovakia.

Biden concludes her trip on Monday, May 9, with a meeting with members of the Slovak government before leaving for the United States.

The trip will be the first lady’s second foreign trip. In July, I went to Japan To attend the opening ceremony of the Olympics.
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