April 14, 2024

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Joe Biden: A Dark and Incomplete History

Joe Biden: A Dark and Incomplete History

American politicians don’t have to look far to explain that a man as rude and dishonest as Donald Trump can maintain his popularity rating. They just need to look in the mirror.

If no other president has crossed 45e In terms of trickery, many of them lied about their origins or their upbringing. The Trumans, the Eisenhowers, the Carters, and the Obamas are out to restore their image, but many have created a myth as a substitute for the facts.

Lack of transparency

Among those who do not commit the sin of excessive transparency, we must count Joe Biden. Be it his son’s run-ins with the law or the purchase of Paradigm Global Consultants by his brother and sons in 2006, he sits on the international relations board and is much less known. Activities of family members.

I’ll be back today because it was last week New Yorker Adam Entus published the results of his lengthy investigation into Joe Biden’s appearance.

Entus’ story won’t shake Biden’s presidency, but it does shatter the president’s longstanding image of the middle class. Although the Biden clan has experienced its share of setbacks and hardships, it is associated with the rich and powerful.

The journalist traces the evolution of the president’s family since the beginning of the 20th centurye century, and contains anecdotes and references to the archives of the fruits of the author’s pastoral work.

Far from middle class

Joe Biden’s father was closely related to an uncle and cousin who became extremely wealthy using government contracts awarded during World War II. Unscrupulous and linked to a mafia, they considered themselves aristocrats.

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While Biden Sr.’s fortunes may not match his cousin’s, his tastes and hobbies are certainly not middle class. Witness the practice of Cadillacs, horses, plantations, polo or fox hunting.

This lavish lifestyle didn’t last forever, and it’s true that Joe Biden Sr. had a tough time, the president likes to recall.

That the Biden family may have had significant financial resources is by no means reprehensible, and “Uncle Joe” is not the first president to cast significant shadows over family history.

Instead, I wanted to lift the veil on the real story and the hypocrisy or half-truths of many politicians in Washington.

Nothing I write proves that Joe Biden is a fraud or that he is guilty of a crime, but by suppressing the facts, we contribute to trivializing more harmful gestures and actions.