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June 2022 Nintendo Direct Mini: Everything announced

June 2022 Nintendo Direct Mini: Everything announced

Nintendo aired a shortened third-party Nintendo Direct on Tuesday showing off a handful of upcoming games, all of which are expected to launch within the next year. In the 25-minute broadcast, Nintendo touched on everything from upcoming Capcom Monster Hunter Rise Sunrise And the Mario + Rapids: sparks of hope to me Back to monkey island sim training railgrid on the Nintendo Switch.

Here’s everything that appeared during Tuesday’s Nintendo show.

monster hunter Sunrise

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak It launches on the Nintendo Switch this week, with a new trailer showing during the Nintendo Direct Mini. Capcom has shared some new details about what to expect as well: new monsters, battles, and locations. In addition, there is an outstanding difficulty rank to make things even more difficult. Coming on June 30th.

Nier Automata: The End of YorHa إصدار Edition Coming to Nintendo Switch on October 6 with new outfits, previously released styles, and other content. The End of YorHa version Includes the game and all previously released downloadable content.

Lorelei and laser eyes

Sayonara Wild Hearts Developer Simogo Lorelei and laser eyes It is a “modern puzzle-adventure game”, coming to the Nintendo Switch for the first time in 2023.

Super Bomberman R 2

Super Bomberman R It gets a sequel with a new mode, the castle mode, where a team of 15 players fight for treasure, against a single player trying to fight it.

10 Megan Man Battle Network Games from the Game Boy Advance are coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2023. There are also 1,000 illustrations and 150 songs included in the games.

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backman World Re-Pac

modified version of backman GlobalismThe Re-Pac . edition Launching August 26th.


From Gearbox Publishing, plank It is an adventure game of friends starring a fawn and a wolf cub. It is a textless adventure game with puzzles and local and online co-op. It’s a console exclusive to the Nintendo Switch, and it’s expected to happen in 2023.

Back to Monkey Island

Back to Monkey Island First coming to Nintendo Switch this year, adding to the story from Monkey Island Secret And the Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge.

Mario + Rapids: Sparks of Hopesequel to Mario + Rapids Kingdom BattleIt will be released on October 20, and will get its show on Wednesday at noon EST. Pre-orders open Tuesday at the Nintendo eShop.

Little Noah: A descendant of Heaven

from Cygames, Little Noah: A descendant of Heaven It is a 2D strategy game released on Tuesday.


it’s a Rollercoaster Tycoon But trains, coming in the fall to the Nintendo Switch.

RPG Time: Legend of Wright

On August 18, DeskWorks’ legend wright on Nintendo Switch. It’s already on Xbox Series X and Windows PC.

vocal boundaries

Nintendo has given Sonic fans a sneak peek at vocal boundariesThe gameplay is in the open area and taste the new cyberspace levels that look like the traditional 3D Sonic the Hedgehog games. It is expected on the Nintendo Switch this holiday.

Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley It is a life simulation game that combines Disney and Pixar characters into one world. Goes into Early Access on September 6, when you’ll be able to cook with ratatouilleRemy and hunting with frozenOlaf.

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live alive

Square Enix demo live alive New edition out today. live alive It will arrive on the Nintendo Switch on July 22nd. If you buy the game after playing the demo, your progress will be transmitted.

Doraemon the Seasons: Friends of the Great Kingdom

Doraemon the Seasons: Friends of the Great Kingdom Coming to Nintendo Switch in 2022.

Maine Craft legends

Microsoft Maine Craft legends It will launch on the Nintendo Switch in 2023, as revealed in a new trailer Tuesday.

Dragon Adventure treasures

New Trailer for Dragon Adventure treasures Dragon Quest’s pop-up premiere, with an expected release date of December 9.

Gateway Companion Group He got a surprise launch Tuesday for the Nintendo Switch. Package includes Gate, Gate 2and a collaborative version of Gate 2.

Square Enix Harvestella It revolves around fighting, farming and making friends across four seasons before descending into a mysterious fifth season – the season of death. The life simulation game is expected to be released on November 4th.

Character 5 Royal Launching on Nintendo Switch On October 21 and Persona 4 Golden And the Persona 3 Portable Expected “soon”.

Captain Velvet Meteor: Jump + Dimensions

Captain Velvet Meteor: Jump + Dimensions It is described as a tactical action game about a boy who has moved to Japan. It’s coming July 28 on the Nintendo Switch.