May 25, 2024

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Justin Trudeau will play the trump card

Justin Trudeau will play the trump card

We still don’t know if the next federal election in Canada will be before or after the US presidential campaign in 2024, but we already know that Justin Trudeau will try to capitalize on Donald Trump’s return to the front.

In recent years, Justin Trudeau has not hesitated to terrorize Canadians with Donald Trump’s fear-mongering. This allowed him to wear his Captain Canada costume.

Also, to define his arch-rival Pierre Poilievre, the Liberal leader will not hesitate to make connections with the former US president.

The new head of diplomacy

When Donald Trump took control of the White House in early 2017, Justin Trudeau appointed Chrystia Freeland as foreign minister.

Clearly, this changing of the guard in Canadian diplomacy is a reaction to the election of a new president.

Cleverly, we saw how the Trudeau team was able to capitalize on the renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement. Expectations were very low.

We had it all to lose against Donald Trump. Thus, Freeland was sent to a heroine.

Today, six years later, the Trudeau government does not have the same aura on the international stage. We don’t realize that Canada plays a central role in hot-button issues in all four corners of the world, and that softness on China leaves us with an appetite for credibility with our allies like the United States.

Before playing the trump card

It is clear that Donald Trump will be at the center of the liberals’ strategy. Comparisons between Pierre Poilievre and Trump will be common before and after the next campaign.

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But before playing the Trump card, Justin Trudeau needs to put other elements of his game on the table.

It should begin with a public inquiry into Chinese interference, followed by a reshuffle of his cabinet and possible adjournment of the session.

This is almost a mandatory passage for the Liberal leader. He cannot continue on his current path.

Justin Trudeau is undoubtedly eager to talk about Donald Trump, but before that he needs to shuffle his cards.