April 14, 2024

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Kate Middleton arrives at Platinum Jubilee with three kids

Kate Middleton arrives at Platinum Jubilee with three kids

The coolest carriage ride.

Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis looked all grown up when they arrived at Trooping the Color with mum Kate Middleton and wife-grandmother Camilla Parker-Bowles on Thursday.

The little ones rode in a carriage with the Duchess of Cambridge, 40, and the Duchess of Cornwall, 74, as the platinum jubilee celebration of Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday began.

The siblings waved to the crowds from their seats. George, 8, smiles in a navy suit with his 7-year-old brother sitting next to him. Charlotte, 4, sat next to Louis in a blue dress.

Middleton was smiling across from the kids, brandishing a white Alexander McQueen gown and black hat.

The Duchess wore a poncho before Attending Eden Project to receive G7 In the summer of 2021.

For her part, Parker Bowles wore a striped dress and a blue hat while sitting next to Middleton.

Camilla Parker Bowles, Kate Middleton and Princess Charlotte sit in a carriage at Trooping the Colour.
Kate Middleton’s three children looked all grown up when they arrived at Trooping the Color.
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For Prince William, the 39-year-old Duke of Cambridge arrived in a car fully dressed.

The Duke and his father, Prince Charles, will salute the 96-year-old monarch’s colorful troops, marking a shift in royal tradition.

“We are looking forward to celebrating and seeing how you join us in celebrating this weekend #PlatinumJubilee,” he read a tweet from his royal Twitter account ahead of the event.

The Queen celebrated New imagereleased on Wednesday.

“Her Majesty the Queen, the first monarch in British history to celebrate a platinum jubilee,” read a statement referring to the mother’s 70 years of service.

“On the occasion of the start of the platinum jubilee weekend, a new photo of the Queen has been released,” the statement continued.

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In the shot taken by Ranald McKechnie at the Victoria Festipole at Windsor Castle, the Queen smiled in a pale blue gown.

William, Middleton and their three children will join the King on the balcony to watch the show with other working royals.

Although Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in Englandthey will Watch the procession from a different place as they are Resigned from all royal duties In February 2021.