July 20, 2024

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Kingdom Hearts 4 Trailer, Watch the First Trailer

Kingdom Hearts 4 Trailer, Watch the First Trailer

Square Enix has announced that development is underway on Kingdom Hearts IV, the next entry in the long-running Disney RPG series. The news came as part of the 20th Anniversary Celebration event and included the release of the first trailer, which you can watch below.

Kingdom Hearts IV begins a new story for the franchise, Lost Master Arc. Sora is back, although you will see in the trailer and screenshots, he has a new sporty look. The KHIV part of the trailer starts around 4:05:

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The trailer offers a few glimpses of the gameplay as Sora battles a gigantic shadow monster in the middle of a city street. This new location is Quadratum, which Square Enix describes as “a big and spacious city set in a fantastic, realistic world like no other before” in Kingdom Hearts.

No more details about Quadratum, the gameplay, or the story in general have been shared. Donald and Goofy are back in KHIV, and a new “mysterious” character called Strelitzia will also be introduced.

There’s no word on what platforms KHIV will be available on, though Kingdom Hearts 3 will eventually launch for PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch, with the latter being the cloud-streaming version. Likewise, there is also no common release date.

Besides word of the next main entry in the series, Square Enix used its anniversary event to announce a new mobile game called Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link for iOS and Android, which can also be seen in the trailer montage above.