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Kristen Wiig Was Welcomed to the SNL Five-Timers Club by Ryan Gosling and Paul Rudd

Kristen Wiig Was Welcomed to the SNL Five-Timers Club by Ryan Gosling and Paul Rudd

It was a big night for Kristen Wiig Saturday Night Live When she joined the Five-Timers Club. However, she was welcomed into the elite group by a group of non-Five Timing Club members.

“I'm so happy to be back, and I'm so excited because it's my fifth time hosting the show,” the actress and comedian began her speech. So I'm officially in the Five-Timers Club!

She then took some time to honor the comedy show's cast, but soon after, celebrities began appearing, starting with Paul Rudd, who previously joined the club in 2021.

“I also heard a rumor that you might be doing one of those five-time sketches that feature cameos by hot celebrities,” Rudd said after his appearance in the Studio 8H audience. “So, is there a text or something I can look up?” Unfortunately, Wiig informed the actress that she has no plans to do one of those skits.

However, that didn't necessarily ring true as celebrity appearances continued, with Matt Damon standing in the audience wearing a Five-Timers jacket, even though he only hosted SNL twice.

“Well, first off, big fan. I just want you to know that I've grown up watching you.” SNL“Lorne,” the actor joked to Wiig before she questioned why he was wearing a jacket [Michaels] “He said the first time I hosted it was pretty good, it counted for three, and then the second time it wasn't quite as good, it only counted for two,” Damon added. “But by my calculations, that's five, my dear.”

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“It doesn't really seem fair,” Wiig noted, as she earned the jacket by hosting five times. I started to ask SNL Creator: “Doesn't this jacket have any meaning anymore?”

The camera then panned to Michaels standing with Jon Hamm, Martin Short, Fred Armisen, and Will Forte, all wearing Five-Timers Club jackets. Wiig asked why they were getting jackets if “none of you have hosted five times.”

“But we've hosted five times together,” Forte explained before Rudd jokingly interjected.

“What's going on here? I mean I was really excited to be in the Five-Timers Club, but now it's like, I don't know, it's not even that special,” Wiig asked, sounding frustrated.

Later during the monologue, after her co-stars sang along to Wiig, Ryan Gosling — who is set to host the comedy show next week — made a guest appearance wearing a jacket, even though he's also not in the elite club. when Barbie The star checked back with Michaels if he was OK with wearing the early Five-Timers jacket SNL The Creator advised him not to worry about it.

While Wiig continued to look confused, Gosling finally gave the actress her Five-Timers jacket.

The former star-studded group SNL The hosts continued to appear during other skits throughout the night, including a retirement party sketch, a parody of 1960s office culture and more. Ray was also the musical guest for the latter programme.

SNLThe March Cold Open centered around March Madness mania, particularly the women's tournament before Sunday's national championship game. The show's parody featured TBS's NCAA basketball team of Ernie Johnson (James Austin Johnson), Kenny Smith (Devon Walker) and Charles Barkley (Kenan Thompson), as well as an appearance by LSU coach Kim Mulkey (Heidi Gardner).

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The Five-Timers Club consists of those who have hosted the sketch comedy show five or more times.