May 21, 2024

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Last of Us Multiplayer has a story, which is “big” like other Naughty Dog games

Last of Us Multiplayer has a story, which is "big" like other Naughty Dog games

Naughty Dog’s Neil Druckman revealed new details about the much-anticipated indie multiplayer game set in the universe of The Last of Us during today’s Summer Game Fest presentation.

An artistic concept from The Last of Us, a standalone multiplayer game.

Originally intended to be a multiplayer mode in The Last of Us Part 2, the team’s ambition has made it clear that it has developed into something much further over the past two years. “This game is big,” Druckmann said. “It’s as big as any of the single-player games we’ve done, and it’s bigger in some ways.”

Besides the technical concept above, Druckman confirmed that it will have a story of its own, although he also said “the way we tell that story is very unique to this game.” She will have an “entirely new character set” as well, and while her new location has not been confirmed, it appears the joint photo could be placed in San Francisco.

The final name and proper gameplay haven’t been shown, but Druckman said more details will come next year. The last time we heard about the project was in late 2021, when Naughty Dog simply confirmed it was still coming.

The Last of Us Part 1, a remake for PS5 and PC has also been leaked and then announced today, with a release later this year.

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