July 18, 2024

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Lenovo sells two of the latest tablets at pretty irresistible prices

Lenovo sells two of the latest tablets at pretty irresistible prices

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Lenovo sells two of the latest tablets at pretty irresistible prices

Update: While the Lenovo Yoga Tab 11 eBay deal has been going strong for more than 48 hours after we first noticed an unprecedented 25 percent discount from the mid-range ranger, we’re sad to tell you that the Yoga Tab 13’s 24 percent price cut is no longer available, given that The Chinese tech giant’s eBay storefront is unsurprisingly out of stock.

Incredibly enough, there’s a better upgrade happening as we speak, and it comes straight from Lenovo. Like at the company’s actual US site, you can get the giant Yoga Tab 13 8GB with RAM for $200 less than its usual $679.99 price tag. You have to remember to apply the eCoupon code “LENOVOEMPCLEAR22” (unnecessarily complex) to your order during checkout, As first reported on Slickdeals. Our original story follows below.

Samsung has been getting a lot of attention lately from tablet enthusiasts who for one reason or another don’t feel like their needs are being met. Industry-leading iPads from Applebut if for one reason or another, you are not too keen on ordering a member of Galaxy Tab S8 From the family, too, Lenovo’s portfolio of products might be worth a look.

Nowhere near as bustling or flashy as the latest iPad Pro duo or Samsung’s new premium Galaxy Tab trio, the Yoga Tab 11 and Yoga Tab 13 have made their joint The first commercial appearance in the United States in about six months Very competitive prices.
Of course, if you are the least familiar with Lenovo MO for the past two years, which has prompted the company to Global seller platformYou wouldn’t be shocked to hear that the affordable prices have come down even more, which makes the smaller model in particular very hard to resist.
That is, if you do not insist on owning the best of me The best tablets money can buy Now you’re ready to settle for a decent mid-ranger with a reasonably sharp 11-inch 2K screen, four powerful JBL speakers, and a surprisingly large battery almost for a fairly lightweight 7.9mm device at its thinnest point.
With a regular price tag of $319.99, the Lenovo Yoga Tab 11 could be yours at the time of writing for $239.99 with not only an impressive 4GB of RAM on deck but also 128GB of internal storage that you can Expanded easily with good use. An old-fashioned microSD card.
Something very interesting sets this budget-friendly 11″ board apart from the likes iPad Air (2020) or Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE It is a built-in stainless steel kickstand that can be used to prop up or even hang the Yoga Tab 11 on a wall for an enhanced content viewing or gaming experience.

At $519.99 instead of $679.99 in the list price, the Lenovo Yoga Tab 11 is clearly not only larger but also significantly more powerful than its mid-range sibling, with a Snapdragon 870 processor and 8GB of memory under the hood, plus it’s rare. micro-HDMI port enables easy dual screen throughput.

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By the way, the 13-inch screen … is very good for this price, with a resolution of 2160 x 1350 pixels and a refresh rate technology of 60 Hz unfortunately, while the “high-performance” battery is squeezed into a premium-looking chassis less than 6.2 mm thick with fast charging support 30 watts. Of course, the aforementioned kickstand is also here, but strangely enough, the microSD card slot is gone.

Both of these heavily discounted iPad competitors are being sold by Lenovo itself on eBay in brand new, unused, unopened, and undamaged condition, which undoubtedly means they come with a full standard warranty as well.