July 16, 2024

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Light Phone 3 will come to replace your iPhone

Light Phone 3 will come to replace your iPhone

Hi friends! you welcome in Installer No. 42 is your guide to the best and edge-The most wonderful things in the world. (If you’re new here, welcome, you found us very enthusiastic, and you can also read all the old issues at Installer Homepage.)

I also have a new simple phone, a book to read, a documentary to watch, a fun Rabbit R1 hack, and more. Let’s get into it.

(As always, the best part of… Installer These are your thoughts and advice. What are you playing, reading, downloading, buying, or raving about this week? What should everyone be in? Tell me everything: [email protected]. And if you know someone else who might enjoy it InstallerAsk them to subscribe here.)


  • Light phone 3. The new version of one of the best minimalist phones comes with a better display, camera, NFC chip and some big ambitions about replacing your phone. I don’t think I’m physically capable of getting rid of my smartphone, but I want this thing so bad.
  • Apple passwords. We’ll talk more about all of Apple’s WWDC announcements when they roll out, but here’s something worth thinking about now: Apple’s well-integrated cross-platform password app looks really good. Maybe it’s time to start collecting all your passwords and passkeys.
  • Heading towards the moon. Robin Sloan is one of my favorites Online bookBoth of his previous books were excellent. This saga, a deep sci-fi saga, appears to be the strangest yet – and I mean that in a good way.
  • How music became free. For people of a certain age, this Paramount Plus doc will feel like reliving some formative years — remember Napster, Kazaa, LimeWire and the way the Internet completely destroyed the music industry? There are a lot of interesting stories in this story.
  • Dragon House Season 2. I admit I didn’t really get involved Dragon House Last season, but so many people have told me they are excited about the new season starting this weekend that I feel like I have to catch up so I can be ready. Looks like everyone will be talking about this on Monday.
  • I installed Android on a Rabbit R1 and it worked“. The top caption on this video says: “They accidentally made a great smartphone.” That’s kinda true! The R1 is a fun tool that runs bad software. As a small Android tablet, I admit I loved it again. I even took mine out of the drawer to try it myself.
  • yahoo news. Yahoo bought and shut down Artifact earlier this year. That was sad. It’s even better: Some of that recommendation tech is back in the new Yahoo News site, which has a lot of customizations, ribbons, badges, and all sorts of goodies. I’m using Yahoo again! Who would thunk!
  • Inside Disney’s “Area 51”, where lightsabers and other technology are invented.Lanny Smoot seems like a really cool guy with a really cool job, and this video does a great job of showcasing all the wild and futuristic things he and Disney are working on for the company’s theme parks and other products. Give me the omni-directional treadmill now.
  • Imagination. This has been out for a week, but 100 of you recommended it this week, so I’m making an exception. (Thanks to everyone who told me about it!) It’s a really unusually structured show, and you definitely can’t half watch this one, but I’m digging it so far.
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Screen share

Andrew Leszewski He has long been one of my favorite bloggers on the internet. He spent years in Gizmodo Writing about the weirdest, funniest, silliest, coolest things on the web, and I’ve certainly spent thousands of dollars on stuff just because he wrote about it.

Now Andrew works at the edge! This was his first week, and he was already on Slack causing chaos. its the best. I asked him to share his home screen with us to see if I could get any tips on how he browses the web. He didn’t reveal all his secrets, but I know more about the weather in Canada now, so that’s something.

Here’s Andrew’s home screen, plus some information about which apps he uses and why:

the phone: iPhone 12 Pro (with battery that looks old).

Wall paper: I like a very simple wallpaper within my apps, but because I find that solid black makes the screen too reflective, I created a custom subtle blue gradient that I’ve been using for the past five years. (For my lock screen, I use one of… Mikael Gustafsson Dreamy nature scenes.)

Applications: Google Calendar, Clock, Photos, Camera, Google Home, Google Photos, Find My, Instagram, Google Maps, WeatherCAN, Nest, Google Chat, Settings, Watch, Chrome, Apple Books, 1Password, App Store, Apple Notes, Phone, Gmail , Messages, Apple Photos.

My iPhone’s home screen is where all my daily driver apps are located. This includes Instagram, Google Home, the old Nest app (which includes functionality for the Nest Thermostat that I can’t find anywhere else), Chrome, 1Password (which solved my password issue once I finally switched), IMDb, and Paprika 3 , countless smart home remotes, and most importantly, Environment Canada’s weather app so I know when to cut the grass before it rains. I’m obsessed with clearing notifications on my main home screen but I’m happy to accumulate them on the second screen, where I like to keep all my other installed apps within easy reach.

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I also asked Andrew to share some of the things he’s interested in right now. Here’s what he sent back:

  • I’m a big fan of the old games and recently added the mini game Anbernik RG28XX To my ever-growing collection of portable emulators. The Game Boy Micro remains one of my favorite portable consoles of all time, but with the RG28XX, I can leave all the cartridges at home.
  • Our house is somewhat obsessed with reality series Singleand we’re so excited to dive into the Season 11 premiere this week.
  • I just finished reading Bill Hammack’s (aka “Engineer guy On YouTube) book, The things we makewhich includes a fascinating deep dive into the engineering of everything from medieval cathedrals to how the microwave was invented.
  • When I’m having trouble sleeping, nothing calms my mind faster than Joe DIY’s Instagram account, which features videos of detailed restorations of classic die-cast toys. Give her a chance. Watching a rusty dump truck transform into a bright yellow Tonka toy is very satisfying.


Here’s what Installer community this week. I want to know what you’re up to now too! e-mail [email protected] Or send me a message on Signal — @davidpierce.11 ​​— with your recommendations for anything and everything, and we’ll feature some of our favorites here each week. For more recommendations than I can fit here, see the responses to them This post is on topics.

“I recently came across an Australian company called Juicy crumb Specializes in creating custom replacements for old iMac motherboards, which allow people to easily repurpose them as displays. And they made One for the iMac G4! Trust me when I tell you I’ve never hit the “buy” button so quickly (lol). Anyway, I ordered one a few months ago and recently replaced it with a 20″ G4, and it works like a charm! I connected it to an M1 Mac Mini I own, and now I’m using my iMac G4 like it’s 2004 again. – Rayyan

“I love Surface Kickstand, enjoy typing on the screen (I’ve been doing it for 14 years, super), and I hate the cases on my Apple devices. I’m obsessed This magnetic back cover With a kickstand for my iPad. You can only get it from Amazon Germany, but they shipped it to New Zealand for free. Bad result.” – Brendon

“He reminded you Inbox 10 Makes me think you’ll appreciate Tony Hsieh’s work Yesterbox A method I have used successfully for years! – Deb

“I used to love journaling Diarium, especially since it is completely private and local. If you want to sync between devices, you can use cloud sync of your choice – it can even read-only sync with apps like Fitbit, Instagram, Strava, etc. to add everything you did during the day to your journal entry.” – Mikhail

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“I recently subscribed to Scott Belsky’s channel Ramifications Newsletter, and I am convinced that everyone who cares about the future of technology and culture should do so as well. – Ricky

“I just discovered the app Croton To collect recipes, it’s best at scanning the URL of the actual recipe. You can also take a photo of the cookbook page, and it will create the recipe. This is probably the best example of real-life use of AI that I’ve encountered yet. – GT

“I enjoy the new MLB morning lineup Podcast. Each episode is 10 minutes or less in length and summarizes the previous day’s results and news. It was a very cool way to follow the best sport.” – Mario

“Tried Star Wars: Hunters on iOS after it finally launched. It’s a PVP arena combat game, and I’m loving it so far. The hunters are all unique and fun, it’s not too heavy on the pay-to-play elements, and it’s remarkably good for a quick game. It’s not perfect (the UI is terrible), but it’s a good start. – not shiny

Puzzmo has just added a new game to their catalogue, Backlog poker game, which is my stellar. -Luke

“My friends introduced me to this Call of duty– A shooter-like shooting game that seems to be very popular in India. it’s called Free Fire Max. The reason for its popularity is its ability to work on any device.

You should give it a try. The graphics are mediocre, but the experience is great. – Rudrajeet

Logs out

I posted on Threads a few days ago that the number one productivity hack is to take a 25-minute nap in the middle of the day. This made a lot of people have feelings and ask questions, even though I’m absolutely right. (It’s just science. I don’t make the rules.) But for all the people asking for advice, here are my tips.

The ideal 25-minute nap includes three things. First, realize that even if you don’t sleep, lying with your eyes closed for 25 minutes is still very relaxing; Not focusing on sleep makes falling asleep easier. Second, an episode of a TV show I’ve watched before (I do a lot of things). Parks and entertainment resorts) It can make it easier to calm my mind and fall asleep. Third, I put on my smartwatch and set the alarm there; Waking up to a ringing wrist is infinitely better than a loud sound. Naps are great, naps are forever, happy naps everyone.