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London gets a new promo, rolled out to PC 2023

London gets a new promo, rolled out to PC 2023

GIF: Team Fullon / Bethesda / Kotaku

Sometimes you just want to explore the wastelands on your own. But fallout 5 years away, and fallout 76 Finealbeit multiplayer and Developed under harsh working conditions. Many are looking for the next big solo Drops The experiment was closely watching the development Fallout: Londonan impressive looking fan game built as a big provider for the PC version of Fallout 4. And now we know it’s coming out next year thanks to a new trailer.

On Saturday, the official Fallout: London Youtube channel uploaded A four and a half minute trailer Plenty of new model picks are featured, including a giant armed elephant, silly hat-wearing robots, devastated city streets, and compelling gross ghouls. The trailer also confirms the modem’s current release window: sometime in the year 2023.

Fallout London – Official Trailer Trailer

Fallout: London He, as you probably guessed from the name and the trailer, are located in the famous city of London in the United Kingdom. This project gives a completely different feel compared to most of the others Drops The material is set in the United States and is full of references and parodies of pop culture and classic Americana. Another interesting start is that the famous Vault-Tec and Vault Boy “do not exist” in London. Instead, the mod developers offer a different company that has built its own brand of nuclear survival shelters.

Fallout: London Development with a small team started in 2017, and initially it was going to be a much smaller modification. Since then, mods have expanded greatly Fallout: LondonDomain. according to Ministry of Defense websiteAnd the Fallout: London The size of a vanilla Fallout 4 Parliament of the United Kingdom.”

This situation looks so good that Bethesda has noticed. Earlier this year, Stephanie Zacharias, lead writer at Fallout: Londonleft the project Having been set by Bethesda Game Studios.

Just a few weeks ago, we learned that fallout 5 Bethesda Game Studios’ next match After his release The Sheikh Scrolls 6, Which isn’t even released yet starfield It finally comes out (that Recently delayed to next year).

Given how long it takes Bethesda to make big, open-world RPGs, it will likely take a decade before fallout 5 He sees the light of day. Super cool adventures created by fans like Fallout: London And looks just as great Fallout: Miami It might be the next best thing for players wanting more first-person role-playing after the apocalypse. This, or you can just reboot Fallout: New Vegas for the thirtieth time.

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