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Marilyn Monroe claimed she was going to marry this alleged former flame the day before her death

Marilyn Monroe claimed she was going to marry this alleged former flame the day before her death

The claims that have surfaced show that Marlin Monroe Perhaps she heard the wedding bells with this alleged former flame just 24 hours before her death. In Anthony Summers’ biography entitled Goddess: The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroeinterviewed more than 600 people and insiders to get a full in-depth look at Gentlemen prefer blondes legendalong with the last days of her very short life.

While fans have always thought about details and circumstances her last days on earthThere’s one detail that many people miss: She reportedly told her longtime friend that she was going to marry one of hers Alleged previous fires.

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Summers claims that the day before Monroe died, on August 3, she called her longtime friend Ann Karger and told her she was “very much in love and going to marry Bobby Kennedy,” Vanity Fair.

Now, this isn’t the only account of a phone call connected to the story from that day. She allegedly called another friend named Robert Slatzer, telling him she was having difficulty getting through to Robert “Bobby” Kennedy and had decided to contact his son-in-law Peter Lawford, this was later confirmed by Lawford. Besides, she claimed that she would be “with him” soon.

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For those who don’t know, there have been rumors for decades about it Monroe He was involved with both President John F. Kennedy and his younger brother, Robert.

Rumors about John died down after her legendary performance of “Happy Birthday” leading many to speculate that he was having an affair with Monroe behind her. Jackie Kennedy behind.

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While Rupert’s rumors were mostly unfounded, a letter found at an auction in 2016 shed some light on the situation. The letter was reported to have been from Jean Kennedy Smith, and it was read on Monroe“,” Understand that you and Bobby are the new element , ” and ” We all think you should come with him when he comes back east “, telegraph.

for every the peopleThe story goes that Lawford introduced the two, which led to an affair throughout the summer of 1962.

Robert was married Ethel Kennedy from 1950 until his death in 1968. They shared 11 children together.

Monroe died on August 4, 1962.

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