July 25, 2024

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Mars rover makes an unexpected, trivial discovery

Mars rover makes an unexpected, trivial discovery

Earthlings are officially scattered on another planet, and it’s spreading in unexpected ways. for every guardian, The Perseverance Mars probe captured an image of a shiny, foil-like object stuck between two rocks. It’s definitely a sign of life, but it’s not the kind that perseverance hopes to find in its mission. on it Twitter Her first-person pronoun-perseverance account said “It’s a piece of a thermal blanket…maybe it came from my descent stage, the rocket-powered jet pack that dropped me on landing day in 2021.” The blanket fluttered to its current position during the descent or was subsequently blown away by the Martian winds. according to The New York Times , Blanket scrap is far from the only “other world wreck” on the planet’s surface. Earlier this year, the Ingenuity helicopter, Perseverance’s “little robotic companion” spotted the upper part of the lander, or the rear shell, which protects the rest of the craft as it descends. Lying about a mile from where Perseverance landed, I crashed with the help of Skycrane.

The guardian The discovery, he says, “rekindled fears that space exploration threatens to pollute pristine Martian and lunar environments,” an issue addressed by the 1967 Outer Space Treaty, which some say does not go far enough to protect space environments. However, according to one expert, the risk of contamination is low because “everything is sterilized before it goes to Mars”. for every Mashable The rover hasn’t had “time to admire the litter” as it is now heading to its “peak of mission”, exploring a long-dry river delta at Jezero Crater, which may have been an aquatic environment capable of supporting microbial life about 3 billion years ago. (Read more perseverance stories.)

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