July 18, 2024

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Masahiro Sakurai launched his own YouTube channel about creating games

Masahiro Sakurai launched his own YouTube channel about creating games

Super Smash Bros. Game Ultimate Director Masahiro Sakurai yesterday teased a new announcement, revealing today that his own YouTube channel, titled Masahiro Sakurai on creating games.

As the title suggests, this channel will focus on game development and what makes gaming so much fun. It will obviously cover a “variety of topics” related to this, and you can watch his first video now (above). Sakurai has also uploaded some other content for fans and aspiring developers can enjoy.

Sakurai mentions how he plans to upload videos in Japanese and English, and will aim to provide real footage of the game whenever possible. Just to be careful, it might focus on classic game footage instead of modern stuff.

It’s also got Nintendo’s nod to show off its Smash Bros. development builds. and design documents written by – so fans of Smash can look forward to it. To be clear, Sakurai explained how “Nintendo does not participate in this channel” and that it is his personal project.

He’s also not looking to profit from that, so there won’t be any advertising, apparently. And he’ll keep things in most videos “short and sweet” since he has to pay video editors and translators. Nor will it regularly ask viewers to like, subscribe, or hit the notification bell.

Here are some of the other videos that Sakurai has uploaded to his YouTube channel so far. The first is a showcase of his creative work — he even teases his next post-Smash Ultimate as “TBD,” while the second video is about design details:

What do you think of this new YouTube channel by Sakurai? Will you participate? Leave a comment below.

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