July 20, 2024

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Matthew Weiner’s new mystery show has been discontinued in FX

Matthew Weiner’s new mystery show has been discontinued in FX

Matthew Weiner

Matthew Weiner
Photo: Anthony Harvey/AFP via Getty Images

Under normal circumstances, we probably wouldn’t bother reporting the death of a TV show So mysterious that nothing is known about its concept, characters, or even titles; TV shows die all the time, often without even a small piece of it getting exposed to daylight.

But, then, most of these obscure shows were not created by Matthew Weiner, who mad Men Help set boundaries From Prestige Modern TV. (Even if you follow his series, Romanovsmade a less eye-catching impression.) His name certainly stayed big enough in the TV world that he grabbed headlines when FX announced he was working with him on a new half-hour drama in 2020, all details being kept confidential.

And now, apparently, completely mummified. This is for every The Hollywood Reporterwho published today’s story, quoting from one of its upcoming audio files, where Forex mastermind john landgeraf He revealed that the series would not go forward.

Wiener’s career has been very quiet over the past several years—largely nested, coincidence or not, with Moment The year 2017, in which he was charged with a sexual offense someone harassed him mad Men The book, Cater Gordon. Weiner has since denied the accusations he once told Gordon that she “owed him” for letting him see her naked; Gordon and mad Men Producer Marty Noxon later wrote editorial for THR It details how the television industry can improve its handling of “toxic program makers”.

It was in this climate that Romanovs He was released, then quickly disappeared from public consciousness—despite Wiener’s private reputation, and the stacked cast that brought him into the anthology storytelling. Although there were quite a few successful installments, the show kind of faded away.

As with this new one, whatever it is. As did, at least for now, Matthew Weiner himself.

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