September 22, 2023

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Menstrual cup companies have praised The Last of Us for product focus


‘the last of us’

Praised by menstrual cup companies…

Highlighting the episode would go a long way!!!

Not only has “The Last of Us” garnered huge TV ratings and buzz, it’s now receiving praise from menstrual cup companies for promoting the product and increasing sales.

No major spoilers here, but if you missed last week’s episode… you didn’t see the main character, Ellie, get her period cup. At first, Ellie, who was born into a post-apocalyptic world, seems a little confused, but then gets excited once she realizes what it is… saying “yuck” with a smile on her face.

While the scene was fast paced, fans were taking to the internet to celebrate the importance of bringing women’s health to the fore and to show off a reusable alternative to tampons and pads.

A representative for The Flex Co., which makes menstrual cups, told TMZ that they saw a 400% increase in sales in the two days following the episode aired on HBO, a testament to the “unparalleled power of the media to remove stigma.”

At Cora Life, another menstrual cup producer, a rep says they’re thrilled to see a sustainable menstrual care product make it into such a high-profile supply…they’ve also seen an uptick in orders.

It’s worth noting that “Last of Us” didn’t depict a specific brand, but it clearly has consumers looking out for it.

Menstrual cup representation in this week’s The Last of Us… Here’s what we’d like to see

– Emma Keith (@emma_ckeith) February 20, 2023

The Lena Cup is also getting more hits—a rep says the market has been “energized” by the HBO shout-out, and they’re all hoping the scene returns to normal when gifting menstrual cups.

While the folks over at Cora Life say some viewers may not know what a menstrual cup is…now they do, that makes the scene even more powerful.

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