May 22, 2024

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Meta Quest 2 is getting a permanent price cut to $199

Meta Quest 2 is getting a permanent price cut to $199

The Quest 2 is currently being replaced by the $500 Quest 3, of course, but it's still an amazing entry point into virtual reality, and one that plays every Quest game except for one Quest 3-exclusive title announced last month. It doesn't have the color traffic vision or good mixed reality gaming, and I definitely prefer the Quest 3 for convenience and immersion, but I don't know if I'd prefer it at $300.

I have concerns about how long the Meta will support Quest 2 after seeing how much the company has rejected the original Quest by retroactively shutting down fan-favorite games and withdrawing support. Meta CTO Andrew “Boz” Bosworth told me we should expect first-party games to support Quest 2 “for a long time” last June, but he didn't answer my question about whether Meta might retroactively shut down games in Quest 2.

However, there are a million other reasons to support the Quest 2: It was the most popular headset the company has ever produced and held the lion's share of the 20 million headsets sold by Meta as of February 2023. Demand was so high during the pandemic that Meta pushed actually Starch The price of the two-year-old device in 2022.

For now, the Quest 2 could get some updates before the Quest 3, like a reclining mode that arrived in March and took another month to arrive for the newer headset from the Meta.

The Quest 2 still looks like a good deal today.

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