July 17, 2024

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Metaverse Stocks: Facebook, Microsoft, Nvidia Form Standards Group

Metaverse Stocks: Facebook, Microsoft, Nvidia Form Standards Group

On Tuesday, a diverse group of companies and standards organizations announced the formation of a new group to oversee development of the metaverse. The news was positive for a number of metaverse stocks.


The Metaverse Standards Forum, hosted by the Khronos Group, hopes to set standards for the interoperability of the expected Metaverse. The metaverse It is a futuristic version of the internet with immersive 3D virtual worlds to replace 2D static websites.

The metaverse includes a group of technologies in the field of collaborative spatial computing. These technologies include interactive 3D graphics, augmented and virtual reality, digital twins, online economies, multi-user gaming and more.

Industry leaders believe that the potential of the metaverse will not be realized unless it is built on open standards. The forum plans to start meeting in July.

Metaverse inventories are represented in a new collection

Companies that are metaverse stocks that joined the new group include the parent company of Facebook ID pads (dead), Microsoft (MSFT), nvidia (NVDA) And the Unit programs (yo).

Other companies include founding members Adobe (ADBE), Ali Baba (Baba), Autodesk (ADSK), Epic Games, IKEA, Qualcomm (QCOM), Sony (Sony) And the Weaver (W).

“The metaverse will bring together diverse technologies, requiring a set of interoperability standards, created and maintained by several standards organizations,” said Neil Trivett, President of Khronos. new version. Trivett is also the Vice President of Developer Ecosystems at Nvidia.

He added, “The Metaverse Standards Forum is a unique place for coordination between standards organizations and industry, with a mission to promote the realistic and timely standardization that will be essential to an open and inclusive metaverse.”

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Notable company missing from group

Usually one of the prominent companies is listed with shares of the metaverse, roblox game (RBLX), not among the first members of the group.

On the stock market today, metaverse stocks on news included Microsoft, Nvidia, and Unity. However, Meta stock fell despite the rise in tech stocks on Tuesday.

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