June 6, 2023

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Moon Knight manager confirms that 2 Marvel crossovers have been canceled

Moon Knight MCU Marvel crossover Disney Plus

moon knight He actually finished his six-episode run on Disney+, and managed to avoid MCU connections apart from a single line of dialogue about Madripoor. Although set alongside the realm of Earth’s greatest heroes, the show’s executive producer Grant Curtis revealed for the first time that The chain will not be attached to the current MCUConfirming that the honorary champion will be “brand new” And “Go on a new adventure.”

As a Marvel producer explained, fans You don’t need to watch anything from the MCU To understand moon knightNarrative, saying that tHere will be something to enjoy as long as people “(Fans) are really good storytelling.” still, Marvel Studios and Disney + confirmed it The series, led by Oscar Isaac, takes place after the events of hookbut the main writer Jeremy Slater admitted he’s not sure he has “No idea” and that the offer “The schedule was deliberately vague.”


Now, more details about the canceled MCU connections are on the show.

Marvel director reveals details of canceled MCU Crossover


moon knight Director Mohamed Diab sat wrap To explain why the Disney+ series doesn’t have any crossovers with the biggest Marvel Cinematic Universe.

While they admitted that Marvel Studios gave them a file ‘Freedom of place’ [crossovers] whenever,” Diab confirmed that the offer “The very first scene” And “The very end scene” It originally included a crossover, which means that two MCU characters were supposed to appear. However, everything has changed As the story developed:


“We were free to put it on at any time. I want to tell you the first scene, there was an intersection, and it was the last scene, there was an intersection. But as the story developed and we kept changing scripts, we felt like, ‘We don’t need that.'” We both were. collective decision.

moon knight Executive Producer Grant Curtis also open In a separate interview with The Wrap, she supported what Diab had told the outlet about canceled MCU connections. The Marvel producer shared that there are other mentions associated with the MCU other than the mention of Madripoor in Episode 3, saying that ‘It wasn’t a conscious attempt to get away’ of privilege.

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However, Curtis noted that it all boils down to “Best Personal Story” They could say with Mark Spector, Stephen Grant and Jake Lockley up front, thus staying away from crossovers:

“There are quite a few threads with the MCU. You know, there’s mention of Madribore in Episode 3, and there are other mentions that connect it to the MCU so we’re there. But it wasn’t a conscious effort to get away from the MCU – because we didn’t – but when we were in the book room With Jeremy and the team, it was the best journey? What’s the best character story we tell with Mark and Stephen and then Jake at the end? And it really turned out that the more we focused on them and made that journey as rich as possible for the audience, that connection didn’t flow naturally with the narrative we were telling.”

Curtis also explained the benefits moon knight Being so detached from the MCU, saying fans can jump into the show and still “Perfectly get the ride:”


“I think the interesting thing about ‘Moon Knight’ is that you don’t have all that connection, you get into it as your first MCU experience and you get the ride completely. I totally get the story. Whereas sometimes when you have more connection, there’s more The homework you have to do. I don’t think you have to do that homework on ‘Moon Knight.’ I think the story is equally great. Whether you’ve watched all the other MCU shows or if this is your first deep dive.”

Moon Night deserves to be a standalone project

It’s safe to say that moon knight It worked on every level despite having little or no MCU connections throughout its run. Although Mohamed Diab revealed that it initially included MCU crossovers, the fact that the story worked without them is already a good sign, and thus likely set a precedent for a future Disney+ series set under the superhero franchise.

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Marvel Studios is known for giving filmmakers freedom when it comes to developing their projects. The multiverse of madness Director Sam Raimi previously shared this studio “Very supportive” from seeing it for Dr. Gharib A sequel, and apparently the same trend happened with Moon Knight and Diab.

Given that the MCU is now a much more popular franchise after the studio’s success during the Infinity Saga, it seems that references to the larger universe are a second priority, in contrast to the early stages of Marvel’s run. Doing so allows filmmakers to freely present their vision while helping the characters receive the best story possible.


It is not known which MCU crossover sequences have been canceled from Moon Knight, but it is likely that they are related to Anton Muggart’s line around Madribore, which are likely flashbacks centered on Layla. On the other hand, it was also possible to highlight a scene that could relate to Thanos’ Blip, given the massive repercussions of this event.

As for the characters, the The frontrunners might be Bruce Banner from Mark Ruffalo and Sharon Carter from Emily VanCamp, mainly because they were part of the rumor mill on the show.

All six episodes of moon knight They are now streaming on Disney+.