April 21, 2024

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‘Most’ of Siverodonetsk are now under Russian control War in Ukraine

‘Most’ of Siverodonetsk are now under Russian control  War in Ukraine

The report, made on the social network Telegram, confirms the rapid advance of Russian troops, which reached the outskirts of the city last weekend.

In a previous interview with the BBC, Governor Qaidoi did not rule out retreating to avoid being surrounded by Ukrainian forces, much like their counterparts in Mariupol.

That is war. We cannot make such predictions. But if they have to retreat across the river [Donets] – Near Lysytchansk – To protect the troops, they probably willhe said.

Earlier in the day, President of the Pro-Russian Republic of Luhansk Leonid Paseknik told Russian news agency Tass that Russian forces were in control. Sevirodonetsk’s third.

The mayor of the city, Oleksandr Stryukh, confirmed on Ukrainian television. The front row divides the city in twoMaintaining what the city was Ukrainian And defended by Ukrainian soldiers.

In another interview with the Associated Press, Mayor Stroke talked about one Frenzied motivation Russian forces destroy the city Mercilessly, corner to corner.

According to Governor Guido, All important infrastructure was completely destroyed In Siverodonetsk, and 60% home equity cannot be redeemed.

Damaged nitric acid tank

Earlier in the day, in a telegram, Mr. Guido announced Nitric acid tank There was a chemical plant in Siverodonetsk Struck Due to the Russian strike on Tuesday.

Do not leave shelters And Prepare masks soaked in soda solutionHe wrote, recalling that nitric acid can cause lung damage or vision loss.

As Mayor Striok described, the threat is compounded by the ongoing fierce street fighting and artillery fire in the city.

According to him, about 13,000 civilians are still in the ruined city, in an increasingly dangerous situation and with almost no way out.

The evacuation work that was going on over the weekend Were suspended on Monday The armored vehicle used for this purpose by the Ukrainian authorities after being attacked by the Russian strike.

The strike, in the twin cities of Lyczynsk, is now connected to the Siverodonets by a single bridge. French journalist Friedrich Lechlerg-Imhoff was killed.

As most of the residents are hiding in the foundations and shelters, civilians are dying from direct attacks, fragmented wounds and the rubble of destroyed buildings.

A quote Oleksandre Stryuk, mayor of Sverdlovsk

An estimated 1,500 people have died in the city since the war began, according to Mayor Striok. However, it is not possible to make a more accurate estimate of the city’s relentless shelling, he said.

Electricity has been cut off in Sivirodonestak, he says, adding that people need water, food and medicine. There are many days of food, but the problem is how to distribute it.

With information Associated Press, French Media Company, Reuters, And the BBC