July 23, 2024

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Mysterious death in the Bahamas: Autopsy of the bodies of American tourists

Mysterious death in the Bahamas: Autopsy of the bodies of American tourists

The bodies of three American tourists who died in a luxury hotel in the Bahamas will be autopsied Monday, police in the Caribbean archipelago said they would try to find the cause of the mysterious deaths.

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Bahamas Police Chief Paul Roll told a news conference that samples taken from the bodies of the victims and the villas where they lived would be subjected to toxic analysis.

These studies should determine whether the deaths were caused by one type of pollution or food, he said.

Mr Roll said the results of the tests, which were carried out with the help of a US laboratory, should be available within a week.

A 68-year-old man from Tennessee in the south of the United States and his 65-year-old wife and a 64-year-old man living in Florida (southeast) died Friday morning on the island of Sandals Emerald. The Great Exoma is located about 200 km southeast of the capital, NASA.

The Florida man’s wife, who did not respond, was transferred to a Miami hospital where she is in critical condition, Roll said.

The police official said the two couples were staying in adjoining villas and each of the victims said they were unwell the day before they died.

But they reported being “sick at different times and being treated in different places,” which he said made it difficult for resort staff to make the connection.

Bahamas Deputy Prime Minister Chester Cooper on Saturday dismissed the deaths as the result of a misguided game.

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