July 17, 2024

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NASA says the planetary parade will take place on June 29, 2024. Here’s how to watch

NASA says the planetary parade will take place on June 29, 2024. Here’s how to watch

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Another planetary show is scheduled for this month, and will take place this weekend.

If you missed it last time or want a second chance to show off your telescope skills and snap some photos, here are the details.

Planetary alignment on June 29, 2024

A planetary alignment, also known as a planetary parade, occurs when several planets are closely clustered on one side of the sun at the same time, according to Starwalk.space.

NASA Reports indicate that the second planetary alignment of June, a few weeks after the first on June 3, will occur on Saturday, June 29.

Before dawn on June 29, Saturn, the Moon, Mars and Jupiter will be in alignment in the sky. Sources such as USA Today and SkySafari Pro It is noteworthy that the planets Uranus and Neptune will also be visible during the event. While some planets will be visible with the naked eye, others like Neptune will need the help of high-powered binoculars or a telescope to see them.

How does planetary alignment work?

All the planets orbit the Sun along the same orbital plane, known as the Earth’s ecliptic, and they all travel along it and eventually meet each other over time. Once the planets meet, it’s as if they’re lined up as they orbit Earth, but the line won’t be perfectly straight, according to Space.com website.

Since each planet is moving at different speeds, the alignment will only last for a short time, depending on each planet’s distance from the Sun. This is also why planetary alignments don’t always feature the same number of planets.

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  • A conjunction occurs when two or more planets approach each other in the sky.
  • The minor planetary alignment includes three planets.
  • The minor planet alignment includes four planets.
  • The major planetary alignment involves five or six planets.
  • A great or perfect planetary alignment features all the planets of the solar system, and sometimes Pluto.

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Where to see the planetary alignment on June 29

The planetary alignment will be visible almost everywhere in the United States on June 29, according to NASA, but the ideal time to tune in may vary depending on your specific location. High mountains and tall buildings in your area can also hide the planets from view, according to Starwalk.space.

The best place to view is a part of the dark sky with no light pollution and a clear view of the horizon.

When will the next planetary alignment be visible?

If you end up missing the view completely, planetary alignments are not as rare as they seem, and there will be opportunities to view the view again.

from Space.com websiteFrom our perspective on Earth, it is very common to see the planets align along the ecliptic, and this happens several times a year.

If the celestial event does not occur on June 29, the next planetary walks to watch for will occur on August 28 and January 18, 2025, both of which will include Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, according to Starwalk.space.

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