June 17, 2024

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Nebraska blows up the close match again with Northwestern winning in Ireland

Nebraska blows up the close match again with Northwestern winning in Ireland

College football is finally here and the first marquee game of the year didn’t disappoint, as Nebraska found a creative and new way to check out a close game.

Now in his fifth season, Scott Frost is only 15-30 after that Amazing loss in the opening game of the Cornhuskers against Northwestern. Nebraska collapsed in the second half after a strange decision to try a side kick while leading 28-17 in the third quarter. The attempt failed and resulted in the return of the Wildcats which ended in a ruthless 31-28 in Ireland. The Huskers entered the season with higher expectations than they have in recent years after a staff overhaul and an influx of transfer gate talent, but it’s now clear that Frost is on a tight leash before most teams start their seasons – he’s now 5-21 in a season. Game results.

In other Big Ten news, Illinois kicked off their season with a dominant 38-6 win over Wyoming, keeping the Cowboys just 30 yards away.

Although the real fun begins next week, there are quite a few USA Conference games on the list, Florida and North Carolina hosting FCS opponents and the SEC team traveling to Hawaii.

What are the best remaining games?

  • North Texas at UTEP (9 p.m., Venue): These teams aren’t the caliber of UTSA and UAB in the USA Conference, but they will likely be next-level. Both teams played bowling games last year and could be C-USA’s under-the-radar contenders this year. This may be the most competitive game today.

  • Florida A&M in North Carolina (8:15 p.m., ACCN): UNC was one of the most disappointing teams in the country in 2021, finishing 6-7 after the start of the year in 10th place. With the new QB Drake Maye under center, Tar Heels 2022 starts with a sure win.

  • Vanderbilt in Hawaii (10:30 p.m., CBSSN): Timmy Chang, the legendary Hawaiian quarterback, is now taking charge at his alma mater. Can Warriors upset a Securities and Exchange Commission exhibit on his debut? Vanderbilt, who is out of season 2-10, is favored with a relegation.

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