July 16, 2024

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Netflix is ​​phasing out its cheaper, ad-free plan

Netflix is ​​phasing out its cheaper, ad-free plan

Netflix is ​​continuing its plan to phase out its cheapest ad-free tier for existing subscribers. As noted in several Supports On RedditNetflix is ​​now requiring some Basic plan subscribers to choose a new plan to remain Netflix subscribers.

1 user on Reddit You have received a notification. On their Netflix app, it says, “Last day to watch Netflix is ​​July 13. Choose a new plan to keep watching.” Subscribers who pay $9.99 per month for the basic plan will have to choose either the ad-supported tier for $6.99, the ad-free tier for $15.49, or the ad-free 4K premium plan for $22.99.

Based on posts on Reddit, it appears that most users receiving the prompt are in Canada or the UK, which is in line with Netflix’s plan to phase out the Basic tier: In January, Netflix announced that it would remove the tier for existing subscribers in the second quarter of this year, starting in Canada and the UK. Streaming pricing page for both Canada and the UK Canada And the United kingdom It says “Basic plan is discontinued” and that “You can change your plan at any time.”

Last year, Netflix discontinued its Basic plan for new or returning members in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. Netflix has not announced when it will begin eliminating the Basic plan for existing subscribers in the U.S. the edge I have reached out to Netflix for more information but have not received a response yet.

Like many other streaming services, Netflix continues to push users toward its ad-supported plan, which as of May had reached more than 40 million users.

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disclosure: the edge She recently produced a series with Netflix.