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New 30th Anniversary Kirby Nendoroid Includes Retro Kirby Face, Available for Pre-order

New 30th Anniversary Kirby Nendoroid Includes Retro Kirby Face, Available for Pre-order
picture: Nintendo Lab / Hal

[Update: Tue 31st May, 2022 20:30 BST]

Great news! GoodSmile now includes this new Kirby Anniversary Nendoroid You can pre-order it for 5,200 yen ($40 / £32), and it will be released in January 2023. It will be available for pre-order until July 14.

Here are the full details of the statue:

From the “Kirby” series of games comes a special limited edition Nendoroid of Kirby to celebrate the series’ 30th anniversary! The Nendoroid uses a number of pose magnets, making its movements smooth, natural and easy to pose!

It comes with four face parts, including a standard face with twinkling eyes, a face with spiral eyes, a gorgeous retro face, and a bemused face with wide open eyes. The Nendoroid comes with lots of optional parts to remember the different Kirby games through the years, including a peg wand, a heart friend and a sweet potato!

A star star is also included with the glitter part on the star part! Enjoy combining the different parts included to make all kinds of situations!

With pre-orders coming more pictures of the round boi and its accessories:

[Original: Mon 30th May, 2022 20:30 BST]

Normally, someone saying you have a “retro face” wouldn’t be a polite or fun comment, but in the case of everyone’s favorite pink sphere, that’s a very good thing.

GoodSmile, the company that achieved more Kirby Nendoroids Of your hot meals, I just announced another—this time, to celebrate Kirby’s 30th anniversary. In keeping with the 30th theme, one of the interchangeable faces is the face of OG Kirby Kirby DreamlandThe first game in the series.

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There are some cute new props and other faces as well:

No release info yet, but we’ll keep an eye on it!

Did Kirby’s original face capture you? Is Your Carp Really Too Big? Tell us in the comments!