July 20, 2024

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New Chiefs OL Jawaan Taylor can play left ball in Kansas City

New Chiefs OL Jawaan Taylor can play left ball in Kansas City

The Kansas City Chiefs have secured a free agency offensive tackle, but what position he may play has yet to be decided.

Jawaan Taylor is set to become the Chiefs’ newest member, but according to several reports, he could be playing a position where he doesn’t have a lot of NFL experience. Reports indicate that the Chiefs have moved on from LT Orlando Brown Jr. and could play Taylor on the left side of the offensive line at tackle as a result.

Taylor played 18 snaps at left tackle last season with the Jacksonville Jaguars per PFF, but he has thousands of picks from NFL experience on the right side of the offensive line. He started a pair of games at left tackle during the 2017 college football season with the Florida Gators, but the majority of his experience again came on the right side of the line at tackle in college. He never missed a game in his entire NFL career no matter where he played.

So, the Chiefs could once again find themselves testing Orlando Brown Jr.’s way. They traded Brown during the 2021 NFL season and switched him to the left side of the offensive line after spending most of his NFL career at right tackle. They seem to feel Taylor has the athleticism and ability to switch sides seamlessly without losing any of the benefits of his pass-blocking ability.

There is also still the possibility that Kansas City will find its future left tackle in the 2023 NFL Draft, but that now gives them some flexibility to deviate from that train of thought. It also doesn’t hurt to have a player in the house who you think can play both right and left tackle as Chiefs fans learned well in Super Bowl LV.

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