February 28, 2024

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New US sanctions aim to choke off Russia’s access to battlefield supplies and revenue

New US sanctions aim to choke off Russia’s access to battlefield supplies and revenue

Washington (AFP) – The United States on Thursday imposed sanctions on nearly 120 companies and people from Russia to the United Arab Emirates to Kyrgyzstan in a bid to choke off Moscow’s access to products, money and financial channels that support its invasion of Ukraine.

Sanctions imposed by the Treasury and State Department target dozens of Russian mining, technology and munitions companies and commercial banks. In addition, a group of electronics companies in Kyrgyzstan has been targeted and led as exporters of components and other technology to Russia.

Sanctions were also imposed on a UAE-based engineering company that sent dozens of shipments of electronics to Russia.

The latest sanctions are based on those imposed on Russia when the United States and other countries were in the Group of Seven A wave of global actions rolled in During the Japan Summit in May.

“Since Russia launched its all-out invasion of Ukraine, the United States, working with our allies and partners, has taken unprecedented steps to impose costs on Russia and advance accountability for individuals and entities who support its illegal war,” US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said in a statement.

“We will continue to stand with Ukraine as long as it takes,” he said.

after the invasion Anniversary anniversary In February, US officials said Russia’s metals and mining sector would be the focus of future sanctions measures, as well as cutting Russia’s energy revenues by imposing Russian oil price ceiling.

Thursday’s actions represent “another step in our efforts to constrain Russia’s military capabilities, its access to battlefield supplies, and its economic plan,” said Deputy Treasury Secretary Wali Ademo.

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“As long as Russia continues its brutal and unjustified war against Ukraine, we will impose sanctions to deny Russia the technology it needs and disrupt the ability of the Russian arms industry to resupply,” Adeyou said in a statement.