July 20, 2024

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New York Jets LT Duane Brown in opener with a shoulder injury, could head for IR

New York Jets LT Duane Brown in opener with a shoulder injury, could head for IR

Florham Park, NJ – Due to his injury pre-season, the New York Jets will be without a left foot Duane Brown Sunday’s opener against the Baltimore Ravens at MetLife Stadium.

Brown, 37, signed a two-year, $20 million contract on August 15 to compensate the injured Macy Picton (Out of season), he picked up a shoulder injury in training on Monday and could head into the injured reserve, according to coach Robert Saleh.

The Jets are evaluating the test results and will soon make a decision on whether to put Brown in IR, which would put him out for at least four matches.

This news comes just two days after the Jets announced that medium Zach Wilson He will miss at least the first three matches as he continues to recover from arthroscopic knee surgery. Early in training camp, Buckton injured his right knee in practice, which required surgery.

Brown’s injury leads to another change of tackle positions, hardly a perfect case as the opener approaches.

correct processing George Fant, who started the camp at the left intervention, will return to this position. Until this week, he hadn’t practiced there since the first week of August, but that’s normal and should be a relatively smooth transition.

“I’m sure it’s frustrating for George – everyone just wants to settle down in their job – but it’s thanks to George,” Saleh said. “He’s an excellent athlete, he has a lot of versatility and has always been a team player first. … He went to the left side this week, he makes it very easy for that transfer to happen.”

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The big question is proper handling. non-veteran Max MitchellThe start will be in a fourth round of Louisiana. Normally, he would have gone to career backup Conor McDermottBut he missed the start of the season due to an ankle injury. McDermott practiced this week on a limited basis, but it’s bound to be rusty.

Mitchell was drafted as a development prospect, and the plan was to have him spice up a year on the bench. The plan has changed. He’s got a lot of work prepping for the season (an offensive 117-team shot among the transfer workers) and obviously the coaches feel comfortable with him in the squad.

The concern with the 6-foot-6 Mitchell, who is listed at just 307 pounds, is that he lacks the size needed to handle powerful rushing passes. His first mission will be the Ravens’ defensive end Calais Campbellselected Pro Bowl for six times.

“Max is a lot further than we thought he would be at this point,” Saleh said. “We are very confident that he will be able to step in and do his job.”

Brown has been a regular player in recent years with the Seattle Seahawks – he didn’t miss a game in 2020 and 2021 – but he was a risky acquisition due to his age. The jets brought him in slowly, allowing him several days of conditioning before letting him practice. He ended up participating in a few rehearsals and one game before he got hurt.

“The man is moving as if he is twenty-nine years old, so there is a lot of life left in his body,” Saleh said. “You could always play a game of hindsight, but with Duane there were no indications.”

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