July 20, 2024

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Newborn infant mortality: Parents fear the Omicron variant

Newborn infant mortality: Parents fear the Omicron variant

The death of the first child in Quebec due to Govt this week has raised many parents’ concerns about the new Omigron variant, forcing many to come to the emergency room with their baby.

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At Montreal Children’s Hospital, staff noticed increased parental anxiety from the tragic event that was made public this Friday.

“We know this variant is very contagious, we see balances rising, and we have all heard of this tragic death. It is only natural that parents should be concerned,” he said.R. Earl Rubin, head of the pediatric unit for infectious diseases.

Very rare

CHU Sainte-Justine, where the baby was “born in perfect health” was admitted to the hospital, although it was not possible to confirm whether he was infected with Omicron for reasons of secrecy.

One thing is for sure: “Before Omigron, infant deaths due to Govt are very rare”, D remindsR. Rubin.

A baby less than two months old who died of the corona virus is the youngest victim in Quebec.

Since those under 10 years of age can represent 11% of patients since the onset of the infection, they make up only 1% of the total hospital admissions.

Currently, three children of this age have been admitted to the hospital, but none are in intensive care.


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As for Omigran, it is too early to know what it has in store for the little ones.

Preliminary reports from South Africa suggest that the symptoms of the affected children may be a little more severe, but Dr. Rubin believes it is dangerous to draw parallels with Quebec.

“At the moment, it is not known whether this is more dangerous for children than other strains. We need peer review and published data, ”says the pediatrician.

However, the expert expects that the number of children affected by holiday meetings will increase as they are not vaccinated.

According to him, all things considered, it is necessary to closely monitor whether they have been admitted to the hospital in greater numbers than in the past.

To the anxious parents, dR. Rubin advises strictly controlling the number of newborns’ social interactions and that guests wear a mask.

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