July 14, 2024

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Nintendo Can No Longer Repair Wii U After Running Out of Parts

Nintendo Can No Longer Repair Wii U After Running Out of Parts

The poor Wii U was a device that was too confusing to be useful, but too unexceptional to be inspiring. It bore the meaningless weight of the Nintendo Wii’s massive success, and it was, by most accounts, a rare and colossal failure. And now you can’t even fix it.

Has anyone fixed it? Has anyone who owns a Wii U tried to play it at any point in the past eight years? Anyway, Nintendo of Japan has officially announced that the Wii U repair is over, because as of July 3, it has “run out of parts.”

I’m being sarcastic, but I find it sad. This was the first device that worked. Breeze of the WildWe talk a lot about preserving games, but that’s pointless without preserving the hardware as well. While almost every major game worth playing on the Wii U has since been remastered and re-released on the Switch, that doesn’t include many mediocre games, or even many of those released for the eShop. Or Miiverse, or We Street Youor any of the many mysteries that have accompanied the more mysterious devices.

I remember the first time I encountered a Wii U—I was in one of those weird hotel rooms next to a game show, where a smaller publisher rents a suite in a nearby hotel (which is much cheaper than trying to secure floor space at the show itself) and then sets up a bunch of machines to showcase their games. There’s a deep weirdness to the beds in the room you’re playing in, but that’s nothing compared to my complete bewilderment at the not-yet-released Wii U, having no idea where I was supposed to look, and how I was expected to use a controller with a screen to play a game on another machine. last The screen is there.

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I think there was a world where the Wii U could have worked, if it had been a little weirder, and hadn’t been released under the same name as the greatest unofficial console ever. And now we have a world where if your Wii U doesn’t work, it likely won’t ever work again.

As you can see in the tweet embedded above, Nintendo has made it clear that this day will come in May 2023, saying that the company will continue to fix the device. until the bits ran outI’m out of bits now, after Official termination of all online services Earlier this year. And yes, it’s safe to say that there probably wasn’t a huge demand, given that the total number of cars sold in the market was 1,000. One The Wii U went on sale in the US last year.and sold Very horrible at its peak.—But it’s sad to see the end of any era. Save your Wii U in amber immediately.

Fortunately, I don’t know if you’ve heard, but the next console, the Nintendo Switch, It has proven to be quite popular..