June 20, 2024

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organization | [RD/ORP1] Support “The Wizard of Valkyria”

organization | [RD/ORP1] Support "The Wizard of Valkyria"

Everyone’s favorite second mythical magical girl is getting support in Rush Duels!

RD/ORP1-JP058 マ ジ ッ ク ミ ー ー ・ ユ ー ス magic mirror youth
Level 4 LIGHT Spellcaster Effect Monster
1000 . attack
DEF 800
[REQUIREMENT] While spinning this card is normal or special, you can activate it by placing one card in your hand below the deck.
[EFFECT] Choose 1 level 4 Spellcaster monster in your GY and add it to your hand.

RD/ORP1-JP063 ヴ ル キ リ ア ・ ・ コ ー ル valkyrian’s call
Ordinary talisman card
[EFFECT] Choose 1 level 4 Spellcaster monster in your GY and make a special summon in your field. Next, choose to face the one “Magician’s Valkyria” that you control and get 1,000 attacks until the end of your opponent’s next turn.

RD/ORP1-JP066 ヴ ァ ル キ リ ア ・ ・ ガ ー ド valkyrian guard
Ordinary trap card
[REQUIREMENT] When your normal or special opponent summons a monster, you can activate this.
[EFFECT] Choose 1 level 4 of your GY’s Spellcaster monster and summon it to your realm in a face-up attack mode. After that, you can choose up to 3 attack position monsters that you control and change them to stand-off defense mode, including “Magician’s Valkyria”. During this turn, while monsters that have been changed to defense mode with this effect are in defense mode facing up, they cannot be destroyed by battle.

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