May 18, 2024

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Otis vomits after his WWE Raw match (video)

Otis vomits after his WWE Raw match (video)

Otis threw at his Alpha Academy partner, Chad Gable, during the live broadcast of “WWE Raw” episode 7/4.

The accident occurred immediately after Alpha Academy & Theory lost a six-man match to The Street Profits & United States Champion Bobby Lashley. As can be seen in the video below, Otis was cruising all over Gable after taking a massive Montez Ford frog-machine gun to lose installation. Commentators have even pointed out that the Ford splash doesn’t look good for an Otis stomach.

Earlier in the night, an out-of-place hot dog eating contest was held in the culinary department. Although the competition was not actually shown, Akira Tozawa was declared the winner eating a total of 48 hot dogs. With Otis in second place, Gable will ask for a recount until Theory emerges and ask Alpha Academy to prepare for their match.

This isn’t the first time a WWE Superstar has vomited on live TV. In 1998, former Darren Drozdov vomited after Vince McMahon ordered him to turn around. Drozdov was later renamed Puke as part of the new Legion Of Doom Without Hook. In 1992, the Ultimate Warrior was cast as “Cursed” by Baba Chango. A fan on Twitter also brought up the incident in which Booker T dumped Michael Cole, as shown below.

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Otis & Gable dropped the Raw Tag Team titles to Randy Orton & Riddle of RK-Bro in “WWE Raw” episode 3/7 earlier this year. Since then, Alpha Academy has remained in the title picture. Otis wrestled his last singles match on 6/6 “WWE Raw” where he lost to Ezekiel.

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