May 19, 2024

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Over 700 stings: A dog loses its life in the face of a swarm of bees

Over 700 stings: A dog loses its life in the face of a swarm of bees

A Los Angeles family is grieving the loss of their two-year-old dog, Chance, who died last week after being stung more than 700 times by angry bees.

“He was a beautiful dog. He was never aggressive. He was always a carefree and happy dog,” owner Brian Engen emotionally told Fox 11 days before the dog died.

On May 16, the mastiff was reportedly attacked by a swarm of bees while playing in his yard, which allegedly stung him more than 700 times.

The bees came from a hive that neighbor Tommy Baker tried to remove to work on his fence. The latter had not heard from several professional bee exterminators and decided to take matters into his own hands.

The beekeeper gets dressed and starts attacking the hive before he realizes it’s much bigger than expected.

“I saw how big she was. I was really surprised. It wasn’t what I expected when I opened up. Their commotion was like nothing I’d ever seen before,” he told the New York Post, sharing a video in which he said it was “time to go” in front of an angry crowd. Listen to what is being said.

That’s when Tommy Baker’s wife, who saw the scene, rushed over the fence to attack the dog before rushing towards the cloud to shelter the distressed animal.

He had to stay in the hospital for several days, but despite his reputation, the poor prospect did not escape his injuries.

A crowdfunding campaign to help pay the vet’s bills raised $10,700 before it was shut down with the dog’s death.

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