April 19, 2024

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Overwatch 2 6v6 returns with the community remake of OW1

Overwatch 2 6v6 returns with the community remake of OW1
Michelle Cornelia

Are you missing the 6v6 experience or even the entire Overwatch One experience? Well, there's now a way to revisit Overwatch one, thanks to a specific Workshop game mode.

Players demanding that Overwatch 2 remake 6v6 and old features has been a hot topic in the community for a long time.

Although this concept has not officially returned to the game and has been dismissed in the past, there is actually a way to enjoy the original Overwatch experience thanks to The game mode is player-created.

According to the description, the “Overwatch 1 Emulator” offers players a 6v6 Overwatch One experience in Overwatch 2 using workshop scripts.

However, the 6v6 mode is not the only highlight of this game mode, as players will also be able to enjoy the old hero stats and mechanics that were referenced in the Overwatch Wiki using the Wayback Machine.

This means you can play as the old DPS Doomfist before the tank was reworked, Orisa still has her ultimate bongo, Mercy's super jump will require you to use the old trick instead of a button press, and much more.

All new passive heroes are also gone. Some support heroes will not be able to self-heal, DPS will not reduce target healing, and there is no reduction in tank knockbacks – just like in Overwatch.

In short, this game mode aims to let players enjoy Overwatch for one The most accurate and “authentic” method possible.

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Those interested in joining can join scheduled lobbyists via the Discord community. The creator mentioned that players can join unranked and ranked lobbies using an “internal MMR” system, and they're also currently hosting the 2021 Overwatch 1 April Fools patch for fun this week.

If you want to try out Overwatch or simply want to get rid of the nostalgia, this is your call.