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Overwatch 2 players think it’s too easy to get to “On Fire” status

Overwatch 2 players think it’s too easy to get to “On Fire” status

published: 2023-06-18 T20:17:05

updated: 2023-06-18 T20:17:17

With the On Fire status reintroduced in the June 13, 2023 patch, some Overwatch 2 players think that gaining status is too easy.

For those who missed the news, Overwatch 2 received a patch on June 13, 2023, bringing new hero updates, map updates, bug fixes, and even a re-introduction of the On Fire visual.

While Status On Fire doesn’t provide any actual benefit in terms of gameplay, it’s a great way to show other players that you’re doing well as a team player and working towards goals. Overwatch 2 also added the ability to customize the effect, giving players the option to add more personality to their gameplay.

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However, some Overwatch 2 fans have claimed that this new incarnation of On Fire is too easy to earn and have wondered if the system is just buggy.

Overwatch 2 players think the new On Fire system is very generous

a mail on Overwatch 2 subreddit The community asked if it was “much easier to play on fire” in the sequel than in its original game incarnation.

The OP explained, “I’ve literally noticed that everyone and anyone can be on fire without doing anything. In [Overwatch 1] Actually you had to work to get it now? I didn’t do anything and get it.”

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Other players echoed the same sentiment in the comments and said that the current system for earning status seems very generous. “Yeah, I don’t think you have to light a fire to kill someone in a fire. That’s a lot.”

Another player added that they think that should be minimized to push the target. “You can also gain a lot from pushing the load… There’s no enemy in sight and I’m suddenly on fire just by sitting on my pickup truck.” While they point out that competing for a goal should contribute, simply pushing a goal should not be able to instantly earn prestige.

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Some fans have also hit back at the new “Theft” mechanic introduced in Overwatch 2, which allows players who kill an enemy on Fire to instantly gain the effect.

“I think the problem is that not a lot of fire is getting out of the game because of the new ‘steal fire’ mechanics, and they have also increased the amount of fire generated in general,” another player guessed.

Given that State of On Fire was just reintroduced, Blizzard may adjust its parameters sometime soon. As it stands now, some players clearly think it’s too much.

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