June 19, 2024

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Packers, Jets make progress toward Aaron Rodgers deal

Packers, Jets make progress toward Aaron Rodgers deal

The most tangible evidence yet of the thaw between the Packers and Jets came on Monday, when Green Bay general manager Brian Gutekunst admitted his team wouldn’t necessarily get a first-round pick for quarterback Aaron Rodgers. This statement can be interpreted to some extent as an indication that the Packers have finally let go of their insistence on a Pack most notably surrendering the 13th overall pick in the upcoming draft.

But it also hints at a possible first-round pick in 2024, based on future events.

Charles Robinson from Yahoo Sports He has the latest from Arizonawhere all the teams are assembled and the two teams in the current center of the NFL world can finally resolve their differences over a deal that is becoming increasingly inevitable.

We’ve been told the Fighters were willing to give up a pair of second-round picks. As Robinson characterizes current talks, Green Bay will get a second-round pick in 2023 and a second-round pick in 2024, which could move to a first-round pick depending on how the Jets perform with Rodgers on the team in 2023.

Also another issue is the possibility that Rodgers, who claims he was 90 percent inclined toward retirement when he began his recent dark retreat, would only spend a year in New York before calling it quits. The Jets would like protection against that possibility, in the form of a pick that would return to New York in 2025.

While it may not be easy to push a deal over the finish line, it looks as if the discussions have finally moved beyond square one, as the Packers have deepened their prospects for New York’s top pick in 2023.

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Why can’t the Packers allow 2024 selection to be contingent on team and/or player performance in 2023? Both franchises used a device like this when Brett Favre made a trip from Frozen Tundra to an oversized Apple in 2008. And why not shield the Jets from the possibility that Rodgers might decide to stop it after just one season?

Obviously, the Packers are done with Rodgers. Anything they get for a guy who will never play for them again is a bonus. If they end up with a second-round pick this year, as much as a first-round pick next year, and ultimately have to re-select a mid-round pick in 2025, that’s a good parting gift for a franchise that’s already mentally parted ways for a quarterback — just in time to find out what If were to end up going three for three in a clumsy stick exchange from Favre to Rodgers to Jordan Love.