May 22, 2024

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Phillies vs. Cardinals: Nolan Arenado lights up Phillies, and Ceranthoni Dominguez loses

Phillies vs. Cardinals: Nolan Arenado lights up Phillies, and Ceranthoni Dominguez loses

Saturday in the park. I think it was the 4th of July.

This time may be over.

The Phillies and St. Louis Cardinals needed an endless four hours and five minutes to sort things out at Citizens Bank Park on Saturday.

The July 2 affair began in the afternoon, ended in the evening, and the Phillies were 7-6 losers as Nolan Arenado, the Cardinals’ third-greatest player, hit a pair of creepers, one in the first half to ignite a five-stroke crowd. , and one at the top of the ninth to break the tie 6-6.

“Great” when it was over, said Rob Thompson, Philes’ manager. “He’s hot.”

In fact, Arenado. He hit for the course in Friday night’s game, with the Phillies winning 5-3.

Saturday’s loss affected because the Phillies had a chance to gain ground over the Cardinals in last place in the National League. The loss saw Phils return to 2½ games before the end of the evening series on Sunday. Zach Wheeler and Adam Wainwright will meet in a battle between the great right-handers.

The loss was also painful as Velez’s attack led to 12 hits and six runs – enough to win the club – and the pointer continued to shine until Seranthone Dominguez, who had been fantastic all season, gave up the green light. Arenado at nine.

“These guys kept fighting, and came back to tie them up twice,” Thompson said. “They were late, 5-0, and tied, 5-5. They were late, 6-5, and they tied, 6-6. It seems we couldn’t get the lead, but I am very proud of the way they fought.”

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Newbie Kyle Gibson dug an early hole for the Phillies. Shortstop Bryson Stott put in a great display behind the bag for the second time in the first half. Next, MVP nominee Paul Goldschmidt hit the slider that was off the board for a base kick to keep the stroke alive. It started with the momentum of the Cardinals’ strength – four consecutive referees from Arenado, Nolan Gorman, Juan Ypez and Dylan Carlson.

No Feliz jug ever allowed back-to-back home dishes.

Gibson never allowed four players in one game.

The funny thing is that both Goldschmidt and Arenado hit hard courts, sliding downhill. Even Gibson was a little surprised by the success Goldschmidt and Arenado had on those courts. Two top hitters turned the round over to St. Louis and left Gibson up for an uphill battle.

“Goldie and Arenado hit the ground well,” Gibson said. “But a couple of training sessions at home were in a bad position. I need to do the pitches.

“Two straight starts, I put the team in a tough spot early in the game so I’ll try to work on that and be ready next time. I gave up both runs in both the start and that’s the most frustrating part. You have a chance of getting out of the first round and you don’t. do it.”

On his earlier start, Gibson gave up five runs in 2⅔ innings at San Diego but his teammates came back to win the match.

They’re back to tie this one with five runs in the second and third rounds, two of them in a double from Eero Muñoz in the third.

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The Cardinals advanced in fifth, 6-5, after Gibson got into trouble and left Corey Nebel with a mess full of rules. Knebel walked the run but mostly damage limit.

The Phils tied again 6-6 on a base that Nick Castellanos hit in the sixth game against Junior Fernandez. Two rounds ago, Castellanos fell off the court that ran away from loyalist Jordan Hicks. Hicks has a quick three-figure ball but the court he escaped against against Castellanos was a slither. Off the bench, Schwarber ruled the exception and shortly thereafter he and Arenado exchanged words after sponsoring Arenado with a pitch from Gibson.

After the match, Schwarber said it was all just a misunderstanding, boys are boys, and rivals are rivals.

“I kind of lost my mind unnecessarily on the high slider,” he said. “I didn’t realize it was a slip. I just looked and Nick was on the floor. I asked him if he was fast, and I lost him. Nolan looked up and said it was a slip. I saw a video, it was a slider. I said sorry. Then he got hit and looked inside and I said something, So I just went down and said, “Hey man, I’m sorry I thought it was a heater. It was slippery. This was it. Just competition, the nature of the game. We go there and play tomorrow. “

Phils needs a win to avoid losing his second straight series. Then it’s a day off for the fourth, three against Washington and four against those same Cardinals next week in St. Louis.