July 14, 2024

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Planning for summer? Transportation officials are bracing for a surge in travel after the Fourth of July holiday.

Planning for summer? Transportation officials are bracing for a surge in travel after the Fourth of July holiday.

BALTIMORE – The Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) is preparing for an increase in the number of travelers venturing out on their summer vacations this Fourth of July.

The Transportation Security Administration expects 32 million travelers to pass through its checkpoints from June 27 to July 8, a 5% increase from 2023.

The travel peak is expected to hit on Friday, and the TSA expects it will screen 3 million travelers in one day, a new record. The previous record of 2.99 million passengers was set on Sunday, June 23.

The US Federal Aviation Administration said Thursday was one of the busiest travel days of the year so far, with nearly 54,000 flights taking off.

There could be more travelers on Sunday, which will then be the busiest summer travel day.

“We’re excited to have traffic back but our main focus is making sure you get there safely,” Federal Aviation Administration Administrator Michael Whitaker told CBS News.[On] “People who are on vacation tend to travel early, and Thursday is the biggest day. It’s likely to be the busiest day of the year. It’s certainly the busiest day of the year we’ve seen in the last 15 years.”

With tickets purchased, bags packed and wheels up, passengers say they’re ready for some of the busiest travel days yet.

“We’re getting ready to leave,” said Jean Sullivan of Annapolis at BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport. “So far so good. We parked the car and walked in one suitcase, and now TSA seems to have made things very easy.”

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The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is asking travelers to be patient with a record number of people on board.

They expect to break the record for daily tests on Friday, the peak day for summer vacations.

AAA says 1.5 million people are expected to travel to Maryland for the holiday.

“We also expect to see a significant return to other stores instead of people taking trains, and even buses,” said AAA Mid-Atlantic spokeswoman Rajina Ali.

If you’re heading to the East Beach or driving to your destination, Ali recommends leaving early to avoid traffic.

“We expect minimal impact to traffic on Monday, July 1, but after that, we expect it to be really busy, especially in that period from 2 to 6 p.m.,” Ali said.

If you are traveling this weekend, remember to arrive at the airport early and ensure your flight and destination arrive on time.

If you are driving, AAA recommends driving safely, eliminating distractions and not driving under the influence of alcohol.