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Platinum Jubilee | Elizabeth II looks surprised at the end of the celebrations

Platinum Jubilee |  Elizabeth II looks surprised at the end of the celebrations

(London) Elizabeth II, who did not attend much of the Platinum Jubilee due to ill health, but was “determined” to continue to serve her citizens, appeared on the balcony of Buckingham Palace on Sunday, the last day of the celebration with perfume. The change of era.

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The 96-year-old king, who finds it difficult to walk, has a long life away from major ceremonies organized for his 70-year reign. She did not attend religious ceremonies on Friday, her favorite horse race on Saturday, or the grand concert in front of her palace, and did not speak publicly.

But he surprised his citizens by returning to the famous balcony, where the British monarchy marked important events for more than a century and the four-day banquet began on Thursday.

He, along with his heirs Princess Charles, 73, and William, greeted the tens of thousands of people who had gathered in the Avenue Mall leading to the palace, with their wives and children, who would soon be 40 years old, signifying the future of the monarchy. She leaned on the cane, dressed in green, and stayed while the anthem was played God save the queen And then left.

In a statement from Buckingham Palace, the King signed with his hand, “I’m deeply touched by the number of people taking to the streets to celebrate my platinum.

“Although I do not attend every event in person, my heart is with all of you; And I am determined to serve you to the best of my ability to be supported by my family, ”he added. He said he hoped “this renewed sense of togetherness” would last “for many years to come.”

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Although the Queen has no intention of resigning, she is loyal to the promise already made in 1947 that she will serve her citizens for the rest of her life, preparing him for the future. Her heir, Charles, often represents her.

Its departure has not been announced and has been the subject of speculation throughout its jubilee-marching parade through central London, featuring 260-year-old gold carriages, ceremonial costumers, then actors, and dancers from across the Commonwealth. And even toys from his favorite dogs, Corkis, for parades like Carnival.

Fifteen minutes before her appearance the suspense was removed: the flag was hoisted on the top of the maestro who had not seen the palace, and the sign that the king was there delighted the public there.

Tea with Paddington

Across the United Kingdom, tens of thousands of lunches and picnics were arranged on Sunday to celebrate the historic reign of the most famous queen, despite the rainy season.

Photo courtesy of Buckingham Palace, France-Press Agency

The Queen drinks tea with the famous Paddington bear

In Windsor, 488 tables were set up on the driveway leading to the castle where the Queen lived, while Prince Charles and his wife Camila shared tea and canapes with the public on the cricket field.

Throughout the festivities, Elizabeth II left her heirs in the lead, confirming her gradual departure in recent months, and after the unprecedented rule that began in the United States on February 6. 1952, many participants in the celebrations had the impression that an era was over. The kingdom was still a colonial empire.

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Aside from her appearance on the balcony, she noted her presence on Saturday with another surprise. Renowned for her sense of duty and humor, the Queen filmed a short video of her drinking tea with the Baddington bear, the iconic icon of British children’s literature.

He then struck the time with a silver spoon in his porcelain cup, synchronizing with the start of the concert. The number of viewers on the BBC peaked at 13.4 million viewers.

“The Scent of Farewell”

The recent festivities put an end to the four-day break for the British in a period of inflation and political corruption.

Many who attended the ceremonies were aware of the historical dimension of the moment. A British monarch has never ruled for so long, and considering the age of his heirs, this 70-year record is unlikely to be broken in the future.

“Inevitably, these celebrations had a taste of farewell,” Tony Parsons, a columnist for The Sun, said, “underscoring the intense awareness that we will never see a king like this again.”

The heir promises to be cunning: Charles is more famous than his mother, and only 32% of Britons think he will make a good king (YouGov, April 2022). The monarchy was challenged during the recent voyages by its members over the enslavement of the British Empire.