April 17, 2024

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Playing Shuhei Otani, he makes his way into history again

Playing Shuhei Otani, he makes his way into history again

Shohei Ohtani’s dominance has become almost natural, yet he often finds a new way to make history. Wednesday was another of those nights as Otani put himself in his own classroom again.

The two-way Los Angeles Angels star made seven roles in a 5-2 win Above the Miami Marlins, allowing a two-stroke without succumbing to the earned run. At the plate, he threw a single on the fifth to give the Angels the lead forever. And on base tracks, he scored his 10th base stolen.

Since the RBI became official in 1920, Ohtani has become the first player to hit 10-hit, lead in two rounds, and steal a base in the same game, according to ESPN Stats & Info.

Ohtani is right in the middle of a great stretch, even by its standards. He has racked up 28â…” consecutive innings without allowing an earning run, returning to the June 9 start-up 5th inning against Boston, and has won five consecutive starts. he is too One of six jugs since 1913 (including Clayton Kershaw twice) for a span of four starts with no runs gained and 40 hits.

Of course, none of these shooters hit like Otani. Since he started on June 9 against the Red Sox, he’s been hitting .305 by .398 on a percentage basis and .634 on sluggishness—making a 1.032 on base plus three times the .34 mark that opponents have been able to contend.

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On the hill, Otani continued his flawless record despite a slow start on Wednesday. The Marlins scratched the first half with a foul, double fly and sacrifice. They added one walk per second. But then Otani retired the next 13 hitter, shooting eight of them, while the Angels led 5-1.

Over the past four weeks, Ohtani has raised his OPS from .765 to .839 and lowered his ERA from 3.99 to 2.44.

While Ohtani’s night was historic, he scored other similar performances this year in his appearance in the MLS Player of the Year season. Last month, he made eight goal-free innings a day after colliding with two bullets from three runs. And on May 5 at Fenway Park, Ohtani made seven rounds without goals with 11 strikes and also hit the 109 mph streak off Green Monster.