September 27, 2022

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Pop Shop Podcast – Billboard

Pop Shop Podcast - Billboard

pink black We’ve been in our area since way back in 2016, but there are two areas that have yet to be conquered: the top 10 of Billboard Hot 100 And the top of the 200 . plate Album chart.

In the new episode of the bulletin board pop shop Podcast (listen below), Katie and Keith wonder: Could “Pink Venom” be the quartet’s first top 100 hit on the Top 10 chart? Previously, they reached No. 13, thanks to “Ice Cream”, in collaboration with 2020 Selena Gomez. Meanwhile, on the Billboard 200, their 2020 project album Debuted and peaked at number two, but when I was born with you It was released on September 16, so can it make it to the top?



Watch the latest videos, infographics and news

Watch the latest videos, infographics and news

Listen to the full episode below, as we break up pink blackChart opportunities and talk about the history of K-pop and girl groups in general on our flagship painting Graphs.

On the show too, we have news of the chart Nicki Minaj“Super Freaky Girl” debuted at number one on the Hot 100, while Road Wave And the Megan Thee Stallion They both watch their latest albums in the top ten on the Billboard 200.

The painting Pop Shop Podcast It is your one-stop shop for all things pop up painting‘s Weekly charts. You can always count on live discussion on the latest pop news, stats, fun charting stories, new music, and guest interviews with music stars and people from the pop music world. Regular pop fans and chart addicts can hear painting‘s Executive Digital Director, West Coast, Katie Atkinson and paintingKeith Caulfield is the chief charting officer for each week’s podcast, which can be streamed on or Downloaded at Apple Podcasts Or your favorite podcast provider. (Click here to listen to the previous version of the show on

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