April 19, 2024

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Pope Francis: ‘WWIII’ gives arms dealers a chance, invasion of Ukraine a ‘very complicated’ situation

Pope Francis: 'WWIII' gives arms dealers a chance, invasion of Ukraine a 'very complicated' situation

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Pope Francis urged more nuances In discussions about the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the insistence that people are too quick to create the labels “good guy” and “bad guy” for a complex global situation akin to the ongoing “World War III.”

“A few years ago, it occurred to me to say that we were witnessing a third world war gradually raging,” the Pope told the editors of the news outlet La Civilta Cattolica. “Today, for me, World War III has been declared.”

The Pope’s wide-ranging conversation with the Cattolica editorial staff, released on Tuesday, acknowledged Atrocities in UkraineBut the pope warned that many people “miss the whole drama… unfolding behind this war”.

“What we are seeing is the savagery and savagery with which this war is waged by the forces used by the Russians, mercenaries in general,” Pope Francis said. “In fact, the Russians prefer to send Chechens, Syrians and mercenaries to the front.”

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The Pope noted the possibility that the war was “either provoked or not prevented,” and that there was “an interest in testing and selling weapons.”

“Someone at this point might say to me: ‘But you’re pro-Putin! No, I’m not,'” the Pope insisted. “It would be simplistic and wrong to say such a thing.”

“I am simply against turning a complex situation into a distinction between good and bad, without looking at the roots and self-interest, which are so complex,” he said.

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The Pope also spent some time in praise “Courageous” Ukrainian people who “struggle to survive and have a history of conflict.”

But he linked the invasion of Ukraine to other conflicts around the world, as in some parts of Africa “where the war goes on and no one cares”.

“Think of Rwanda 25 years ago. Think of Myanmar and the Rohingya,” he said. “The world in a state of war”.

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“What happens to humanity that has fought three world wars in a century?” he added. “I lived the first war through the memory of my grandfather on the Piave, then the second and now the third, and that is bad for humanity, a disaster.”

The Pope blamed this Arms manufacturers and arms dealersclaimed that they were happy to see their products tested in the event of a dispute.


“What is before our eyes is a state of world war, global interests, arms sales, geopolitical appropriation, the martyrdom of a heroic people.”