April 24, 2024

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Pregnant teacher killed: School principal linked to hit-and-run

Pregnant teacher killed: School principal linked to hit-and-run

A former school principal has admitted to the central government's allegations regarding the shooting death of a pregnant teacher who was in a relationship with him.

According to KMOV-TV, Cornelius Green pleaded guilty in federal court Wednesday, Feb. 28, to murder-for-hire and conspiracy to commit murder in the 2016 shooting death of Missouri elementary school teacher Jocelyn Peters.

Advocates and Defense Advocates Mr. Green has reportedly agreed to a life sentence, but he will be formally sentenced at a later date.

Mr. Green faces murder and other state charges, but KMOV reports that local prosecutors will drop the charges if he is sentenced to life in prison.

On March 9, 2022, the Missouri Attorney General's Office announced that Mr. Greene and his co-conspirator Philip Cutler were indicted. Mr Green, who is married, is said to have had an “ongoing romantic relationship” with Ms Peters and got her pregnant in 2015. Between February 29, 2016 and October 11, 2016, Mr. The prosecutor's office said Green “devised a plan to kill Mrs. Peters and her unborn child.”

Part of the plan included paying Mr. Cutler to kill Ms. Peters.

On March 7, 2016, Mr. To an address in Greene, Oklahoma, Mr. Sent Cutler $2,500 (C$3,400). On March 21, 2016, Mr. Cutler went to St. Louis and Mr. Reportedly stayed with Greene.

The next day, Mr. Greene reportedly moved to Chicago to “dissociate himself from murder.”

Three days after his arrival, on March 24, 2016, Mr. Cutler allegedly drove to Ms. Peters' apartment in Mr. Green's car, entered and shot her in the head.

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He used a potato as a silencer.

Mr. KMOV reports that Green went to Ms. Peters' apartment later that day and called the police. Mrs Peters was seven months pregnant when she was killed.

Mr. A trial for Mr. Cutler, who faces the same charges as Green, is scheduled for March 11.