June 19, 2024

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PS1 games on PS5 and PS4 have a CRT filter and more

PS1 games on PS5 and PS4 have a CRT filter and more

We’ll be honest, when Sony was rumored to be bringing PS1 games to PS5 and PS4 as part of PS Plus Premium, we didn’t believe it. Then, When it was confirmed, we expected the absolute minimum. So, all credit goes to the Japanese giant actually Exceed Our predictions: rewind, compression, and Even some prizes have been included. and now Games are starting to appear in AsiaWe have more details.

Like most modern emulators, there will be a variety of viewing options for PS1 titles. This includes being able to play at native resolution, 4:3 for 16:9, and even stretching if I’m kind of wrong. There are also three filters you can apply, including Default, Retro Classic (which is actually a CRT), and Modern. We’re not quite sure what the latter option does, but here are some comparisons from Oddworld: Abe’s Oddyseeas uploaded by BrokenSwiftie to Reset the times:


picture: BrokenSwiftie

retro classic

PS1 2
picture: BrokenSwiftie


PS1 3
picture: BrokenSwiftie

Overall, we’re very pleased with the variety of options available here – it really looks like Sony has done a decent job. As mentioned on our website Screenshots from Ridge Racer 2 The story, we still need to be seen These games are moving to draw any firm conclusions, but things are looking pretty good so far.

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