July 17, 2024

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“Putin’s mind” turns against the Russian leader by warning the “king of rain”

A major ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin He publicly criticized the president and issued a warning of the “king of rain” that was blocked after Russia’s withdrawal from Kherson.

Posted on Telegram, Alexander Dugin, an ultra-nationalist, known as “Putin’s Mind”, described the Russian president as a despot with absolute power over the war as he accused him of “handing over” the city on November 12.

He argued that the retreat undermines Russian ideology by failing to defend “Russian cities”.

On September 30, President Putin Officially annexed four Ukrainian provincesincluding the southern Kherson region, to Russia.

Dugin pro-war, Who killed her daughter in a car explosion in Moscow Earlier this year, he said a tyrant had a responsibility to save his nation on his own or face the fate of the “King of the Rains,” according to the Institute for the Studies of War (ISW).

The American think tank said the quote was a reference to Sir James Fraser’s The Golden Bough.And the Where a king was killed because he was unable to deliver rain in the midst of drought.

ISW added: “Dugin also noted that an autocrat cannot fix this deviation from ideology by simply appearing in public, noting that ‘the authorities in Russia can’t hand anything else’ and that ‘the limit has been reached’.”

Dugin then referred to the use of tactical nuclear weapons.

According to ISW: “(Dugin) suggested, however, that Russia stick to the Russian idea rather than pursue ‘dumb’ use of nuclear weapons.”

Russian philosopher and political theorist Alexander Dugin during a memorial service for his daughter Daria Dugina, on August 23, 2022 in Moscow, Russia. Dugin sent a veiled warning to Vladimir Putin.

The loss of Kherson, in southern Ukraine, adds to the growing list of setbacks suffered by Russia, which has lost more than 77,000 soldiers since the start of the war, According to Ukrainian estimates.

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Russia rarely publishes its own figures and its estimates have been much lower than those of Ukraine. Both figures were vetted as inaccurate by external observers.

Dugin was joined by other outspoken patriotic figures who expressed their frustration with the Kherson retreat.

Russian state TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov, nicknamed “Voice of Putin” because of his support for the president, They expressed their frustration over the Russian forces’ bombing of bridges They also withdrew from Kherson.

On Saturday, Solovyov, appearing on his Vesti FM “Full Contact” radio show, claimed that Russia withdrew its forces from some parts of Ukraine as a “goodwill gesture.”

But he soon became increasingly mobile and suggested that the Russian army should have attacked Ukrainian infrastructure earlier as he discussed reports that troops had blown up bridges across the Dnipro River as they retreated.

He said, “I’ve been screaming out loud since February that we need to hit bridges, destroy infrastructure, and delivery entrances. Hmm [Russian military] He said, “You don’t understand a thing, they will bring their equipment to the same area and we will smash it!”

“So did they break it? You don’t understand, it’s a sister nation, we have to rebuild these bridges, and we’ll go through them.”

He added, “Where? Where do we enter? When they leave [Kherson]They blew up bridges. Where are we going to enter? “

NEWSWEEK Contact the British Ministry of Defense and the Kremlin for comment.