July 21, 2024

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Queen Elizabeth resumes work after the Corona virus scare

Queen Elizabeth resumes work after the Corona virus scare

LONDON (Reuters) – Queen Elizabeth II has returned to work after fears of the spread of the Covid-19 virus, Buckingham Palace said on Tuesday, ending more than a week of growing concern about the health of Britain’s longest-reigning monarch after it was announced she had contracted the virus. He tested positive for the coronavirus.

The palace said the king was in good enough shape to resume virtual engagements and other duties, including audiences with representatives from other countries.

Queen Elizabeth, 95, was first tested for coronavirus on February 20, and the palace described her symptoms as mild.

It was not clear where or by whom the Queen was infected, but several other people in her home in Windsor Castle, west London, tested positive, indicating an outbreak there. The Queen also recently met her eldest son and heir, Prince Charles, who was later reported to be in isolation after he became. Re-infection with coronavirus.

In the days after she first auditioned, Elizabeth Cancel some default links The minors said at least twice after developing mild symptoms but the “light chores” continued.

She received her first vaccination against the Corona virus in January 2021, but the palace did not confirm whether she received subsequent doses. Charles said he was fully vaccinated and also received a booster shot.

However, the news that a deadly virus has infected the Queen, who recently celebrated The seventieth anniversary of her reign, raised concerns about its safety. She has spent much of the pandemic quarantined at Windsor Castle with her husband, Prince Philip, who He passed away in April at the age of 99.

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In the fall, the Queen canceled several public appearances and He was admitted to the hospital for tests Before he goes out, he advises rest.

She tested positive for the virus Prime Minister Boris Johnson lifts Covid restrictions in England Last week, including a rule that those who tested positive must be isolated for five days. So-called Covid passports for entry to some indoor places will eventually be revoked in April, when the government will also stop offering free tests to the public.

On Monday, Britain reported a daily average of 33,161 new cases Last week, according to Official numbers. Cases are down 52 percent from the average two weeks ago, and deaths in that time are down 40 percent.

Wales and Scotland, whose officials have formulated their own public health policies, He also eased some legal restrictions on Mondayalthough they never went further than England.

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