May 22, 2024

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Raising the Debt Ceiling | A setback in talks between the White House and the Republican Party

Raising the Debt Ceiling |  A setback in talks between the White House and the Republican Party

(WASHINGTON) Debt ceiling talks between the White House and Republicans appeared deadlocked in Washington on Saturday night, with each side accusing the other of stalling negotiations as time ran out to avoid a US default. .

On Friday night, Republicans “put on the table an opportunity for a major pushback and a set of deeply partisan demands that will never pass in either house of Congress,” the city said in a statement. “Get serious,” White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre calls.

And, according to him, it’s Republican officials under the thumb of those close to Donald Trump who are “(threatening) to default our country for the first time in our history,” but “not the president (Joe Biden). The officials are Democrats.”

The White House, determined not to let Democrats take responsibility for the situation in the public eye, sent a memo to teachers on Saturday detailing the plans.

“The White House has taken a step back in negotiations,” House Republican Rep. Kevin McCarthy told him in a tweet Saturday evening.

“Unfortunately, the Democratic left seems to be in charge, especially with President Biden out of the country,” he lamented.

Joe Biden is actually in Japan, where the G7 meeting is taking place, and earlier in the day he reaffirmed his belief that the US can avoid a default.

He has suspended his Asia-Pacific tour due to the US debt crisis and is due to return to Washington on Sunday after the Hiroshima summit.

The budget has been a sticking point as Republicans demand spending cuts to agree to raise the debt ceiling, allowing the nation to honor its fiscal obligations.

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Without a quick deal, the US could end before 1R In June, they will not be able to repay their creditors or pay certain government employees’ salaries and ex-servicemen’s pensions.

This could have devastating consequences for the US economy, but also for the world.