June 17, 2024

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Random: Fan art for 3DS phones and Wii U eShops is a thing, it’s beautiful

Random: Fan art for 3DS phones and Wii U eShops is a thing, it’s beautiful
Photo: Nintendo Live

Unless you’ve been living off the gaming network for the past few days/weeks/months, you’ll no doubt already know that 3DS and Wii U eShops are now closed to new business. You can currently still re-download any previous purchases from the online stores, but the window has closed on your last legal opportunity to get several eShop exclusives on these units, and fans have been taking to social media to praise the closed stores.

Lots of colorful artwork features the little orange eShop bag from the 3DS eShop that was shimmying around the back of the game icon before those little colorful data cubes dropped in and filled the icon with yummy oranges, game data juice? Nothing dulls like a Nintendo progress bar!

beloved people in Press the start button A handful highlighted, but there are a lot of great efforts on the internet today. Let’s take a look at some of the best 3DS and Wii U eShop notifications we’ve seen:

Firstly , @employeeSad Kirby:

@employee The little orange guy climbs up with wings, as he does @employee:

@employee He goes for something more flashy, and he also has an amazing bigger work in the works that includes a bunch of eShop stars:

@employee Shows little data cubes that look very tasty:

@employeeAnd @employeeAnd @employeeAnd @employee They all go with these festive, thank-you pieces:

Having been expertly manipulated by a “crafty” capitalist Joe and whining about closing shop, @employee It also strikes us as:

There are even some “In Memoriam”-style musical homages, including one from the awesome folks at Vooks And @employee:

While it can be easy to smile at people who are affected when a store closes, anyone who remembers frequenting a particular store in their youth probably knows the feeling of disappointment when it closes. [Shout out to Our Price and Volume One β€” one for our maturing British readers, there!] Some stores are associated with memories of excitement about a particular game, or that twinge of anticipation at finding discounted treasure on the shelves. In the end, this feeling is the same whether it is a real enterprise or a digital store.

Nintendo’s electronic stores, in particular, are known for having a little more personality than your average digital store (Switch notwithstanding) and many people have fond memories of these things. We have to admit, we’re sad we won’t be seeing that cheerful orange bag anymore.

Feel free to share any other great tributes you see in the comments below – we may update and add to the article.

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